Learn How to Get a Girlfriend by Looking for IOI's During Your Dates.


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  • Published April 29, 2011
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It's important to watch the body language of your date, to judge how it's going. You're looking for what I call IOI's, or indicators of interest. This can be casual touching, or good eye contact. Read this article to learn to read her body language, and know when she's interested in you.

  1. If she a totally loses track of the time. And if not constantly looking at her cell phone, then there is a very good chance that she's interested in you. A girl that doesn't answer the phone when it rings or even better turns it off completely, is surely more interested in you than anybody calling. A definite indicator of interest and a good thing to look out for on the date.

  2. If she's paying attention to you, chances are she's interested. If she's looking into your eyes, or even directly at you it's clear that you have her full and undivided attention, and that's a great sign. If you notice that she is constantly looking around, and seems distracted, I would suggest changing up the conversation.

  3. Body contact is a huge indicator of interest with women. If you notice on your date that she's brushing up against you with any part of her body that could be an IOI. Even if it seems like an accident. If she touches your hand or another part of your a few times throughout the night, that is a definite indicator of interest. When girls like they touch. This is a great sign look out for.

  4. If at any time during the date, the girl mentions that she's free at a particular time, or mentions that she might want to go to some future event with you, such as a party; that is a definite indicator of interest. Set up the date immediately, and confirm the time and assure her that you will pick her up and make it convenient. Seal the deal when you have the IOI.

  5. If she's laughing at your jokes, and smiling then there is a very good chance she's interested in you. Some women do tend to laugh and a smile a lot. Try to determine whether or not she is genuinely smiling and laughing at your jokes. If she is then that that is a definite indicator of interest and a great sign the date is going well.

Women are not as complicated as some men make them out to be. Body language will tell you much more about a girl than her words. Pay attention to the things I mentioned in the article and you'll learn how to get a girlfriend in no time flat. This stuff may seem simple, but it is effective and really works. If you would like to read more articles on how to get a girlfriend then please visit my blog at http://www.rackupdates.com.

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