When Learning How to Get a Girlfriend, Follow These 5 Simple Rules


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  • Published April 29, 2011
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Once you learn how to get a girlfriend, you must master the hard part, which is the relationship that comes soon after. It is important that you follow the rules laid out in this guide in order to keep your relationship successful, and your woman by your side.

  1. The most important thing in a relationship is mutual respect. For a relationship to the successful both you and your partner should have a deep and lasting respect for each other. That means treating them well, not talking them down, and generally being a good person to be around most of the time. Be respectful and don't wake up your girl when she's sleeping, or turn the TV when she is talking on the phone.

  2. It's important that you and your partner can communicate well. Good communication is huge for a successful relationship. If things are going to work long-term, you've got to be able to talk to each other, be able to work out your differences through speech. If you can't communicate with your partner, the relationship won't last.

  3. It is extremely important that you listen closely to what your partner is saying. If a woman takes the time to actually make a comment about something important then listen. Try to not only hear the words, but comprehend the meaning. Listen and understand what she has to say and you will bond much better. The most respectful thing you can do is turn the football game off on when your woman is trying to tell you she just lost her job.

  4. For a relationship to work out it is important to have good chemistry with each other. That usually means that there is no other person in the world that you would rather be with. You can be your true self around this one special person. You should be able to think alike and respond to the same humor. When you have this kind chemistry with a woman, things are certainly going to get hot!

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