Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting

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  • Published May 12, 2011
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The Kodiak brown bear is one of the largest members of the bear family. The Kodiak brown bear is fast, smart, a big. Hunting these bears is not easy. You should have experience and the proper tools. If you do decide to hunt these bears, be sure that you are careful. There have been cases where the hunter has become the hunted.

If these bears smell you they may start hunting you by circling back around on their trail and coming up behind and attacking you. The females are very protective of their young, like all Mom's, they will defend their babies. Never approach a Mama bear if you can avoid it. These bears have an amazing sense of smell. These bears are not easy to take down and you will need something big enough to do the job. When you hunt, you want to be sure to kill and not injure the bear. The Kodiak brown bears is powerful enough to come after you even if he's injured.

The only state in the United States that you can hunt the Kodiak Brown bear is Alaska. You would need an Alaska hunting license, a big game tag, a brown bear locking tag, and a registration or drawing permit for the area you plan to hunt. If you are not an Alaska resident, you will also need proof that you will be guided by a registered guide. Hunting these bears is not cheap, the license fees for non residents is 85.00. the bear tag is $500, and the guide fees are 10,000-22,000. There are two hunting seasons each year, a spring and a fall season. The spring hunting season goes from April 1st through May 15th and the fall season is from October 25th through November 30th. The limit is one animal.

No female accompanied by cubs may be touched. You may not use a dog to help you hunt and you may not use any bait. During your hunt, pay attention, listen for any sounds around you, don't take a shot unless you are pretty sure it's going to do the job, be patient, these bears are very intelligent animals and they are not going to make hunting them easy. Dress warmly for the fall hunt, Alaska is a lot colder than a lot of places, so remember that when packing. Good luck and enjoy the experience, even if you don't get anything, it's an amazing experience that not everyone gets.

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