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  • Author Margurite Franco
  • Published June 16, 2011
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Have you got a dog which creates uncontrolled barks all the time? Are you usually at your office and allow your dog to be alone in your own home? Do you continue getting complaints of the neighbors about his barking? In general, do you have a nuisance dog and want to keep him from barking too much and constantly?

You are in luck as today, you are able to find a number of anti bark devices for dogs, which could allow you to reduce your dog's irritating barking in a short period of time. They include:

The first device is ultrasonic bark collars. This device is also called sound-emitting collars. Have you ever been bothered by the dog next door that barks all day long? If you have, this kind of collars is for you. These bark control devices use sensors in order to set off the annoying tone of your dog, whenever he starts barking above a certain decibel. The good thing is that the tones generating from the collar are too high for human's ears to listen to. Only dog can hear the sounds. That means you can use this kind of collars in order to stop not only your dog, but also the dogs of your neighbors.

The second device is shock collars (also known as beeping collars). This type of collars will generate a beep before releasing a shock to the dog. You need to be careful when utilizing these collars since if you do not use them properly, you might hurt the dog in a bad manner.

And the last device you should know is citronella bark collars. These collars will spray a stream of citronella oil to the dog's snout once they sense the continuous barking generated by the dog. The oil is harmless to the dog. It also does not affect human. That's the reason it is recommended by a number of people.

If you do not know which collars you should choose for your lovely pet, we recommend you should give a citronella bark collar a try. It is used by a lot of people, and it gives the good result.

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