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  • Author Margaret Scrooby
  • Published March 14, 2012
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Within this article, we'll concentrate on the distinctive types associated with the African Grey Parrot. The initial African Grey Parrot would be the Congo African Grey, Timneh African Grey Parrot, Ghana African Grey and the Cameroon African Grey Parrot.

Nonetheless, by far the most renowned is the Congo and the Timneh African Grey. The Ghana African Grey is similar to the Congo African Grey however smaller in size with a deeper colour.

Then there's the Cameroon African Grey, which is quite a uncommon parrot. Within the natural environment, all of these avian survive on fruit, nuts and vegetables which can be located in the uppermost parts of the trees. They are very outgoing birds and group together.

They live in the rainforest and has a mate for life. Domesticated parrots will occasionally pull out their feathers when ever bored just to entertain themselves. Simply because they are intellectual birds, they need to be stimulated or they will simply get bored.

They are able to duplicate a large number of sounds and this is the rationale that they are so more expensive. African Grey and most parrot groups are temperamental and challenging birds at times. Once you own an African Grey you can assume to have a life- long relationship with your parrot if it is taken care of.

As a result of their high demand, breeders readily breed them. Toddlers and the aged should take care around parrots as they have very sharp claws and beaks .Parrots want a lot of dedication and commitment but most of all love.

Bear in mind you are answerable for your parrots requirements, and the most essential thing he requires other than food, is fresh water daily as he not only drinks of his water but also bathes in it. Clean out the food and water dishes frequently, as these are idyllic sites for harmful bacteria to grow.

Like I said this is a long time relationship therefore his cage which is his home is of upmost relevance. Needless to say, the larger the bird, the bigger the cage.

When purchasing a baby parrot, take a look at the size of its parents to know how big the bird will grow so that you can know what size the cage needs to be when the bird is completely grown. You are able to purchase a smaller cage at the start when the parrot is a baby never the less you will need to switch it more rapidly than you think.

Margaret-Ann is an animal and nature lover. She fell in love with parrots while still in primary school. The African Grey are her favorite parrot. The Congo and the Timneh have grabbed her attention the most. She has done a lot of research on both these parrots and admires their intelligence. For More Information You Can Visit My Blog Site

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