The Reasons Dogs Go to the Bathroom After They Come Inside

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  • Published July 18, 2011
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If you are like me, you surely feel frustrating when you witness that your dog goes outside, does his business, and then he quickly goes into the bathroom every time he gets inside your home. I do not like this, and I think you also do not like this. However, if the dog keeps doing this over and over, you should find a way to stop him from doing this constantly. This article aims to show you the reasons that cause your lovely pet to do this as well as what you should do to keep him from doing this again and again.

If you do not know, there are a lot of reasons that lead the dog to do that. However, in the scope of an article, we are only able to show you two well-known reasons why your dog does that. In case you want more information after reading this article, the best way for you is to surf the Internet as it is the very powerful tool when it comes to finding information you need.

The first reason is that your dog does not fully relieve himself, outdoors and this habit is usually done by male dogs than female ones. As you might have known, it is natural for dogs to mark their territories. Because of this habit, they will never empty their bowels outside until they come inside the home. This causes the dog to go to the bathroom immediately. So, anytime you feel that the dog will do his business in the bathroom, you should take him to his favorite spots in the bathroom so that he can completely relieve himself.

The second reason that leads the dog to do this habit is that he feels uncomfortable when he goes to the bathroom around you. You could have thought that the dog is ridiculous as it is the normal thing if a dog goes to the bathroom around human. While this is true in normal situations, it is able to be the reason of improper potty training ways. If you come home and you punish the dog when knowing that he goes to the bathroom inside your nice home, it is very hard for him to feel comfortable when going to the bathroom around you outdoors. He is scared to completely relieve himself as he does not want you to punish him. If this is the case, it is obvious that you should stop punishing the dog. Instead, you must reward the dog every time he goes potty outside.

We hope that this article have shown you what you should expect when going out with your pet for him to do his business and which reasons cause the dog to quickly go to the bathroom whenever he goes into the house. It is impossible that all of the potty training processes can be covered in just one article. However, we hope that you this article gives you some insights when it comes to having a well potty trained dog.

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