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Do Video Resumes Work?

Video resumes are very popular right at this moment but do employers really like them?

The jury is still out on choice . video resume is here now to stay or will they disappear. Supporters of video resumes say that they can eliminate a sizable step of the application process where those who have submitted resumes are called in for an in person interview so that potential employers can get a sense of who the person is and what that person’s personality is like, which could save time for employers and job seekers.

Opponents of video resumes say that video resumes allow it to be too simple for employers to discriminate against potential employees depending on race or physical appearance. Regardless of whether video resumes catch on with all sectors in the workforce remains to be seen but in today’s technologically advanced world if you want to look for a job in a technology or computer based field you ought to prepare a good video resume. Should you not possess a good video resume you won’t be capable of compete with new college graduates who are already about the innovative of technology.

Since new graduates usually lack experience, if you have been doing work in a computer or technology based field for awhile your experience is a big selling point when you are applying for jobs if you're able to get a potential employer to consider you for the position. Creating a good video resume can put you ahead of the pack when applying for a job.

How to Create a Professional Video Resume ,Developing a professional video resume could be tricky since there are lots of small details that you need to consider when coming up with one. If you are not great at creating videos or if you don’t have a good camera you need to hire a professional to shoot the recording.

Don’t take any chances with the quality of the video. Consider this is the way you will create a first impression to a potential employer; make it count. Be sure that everything in the setup is perfect. For those who have a good video camera and don’t wish to hire a professional then ask a friend or a member of the family that has some photography skill to shoot the video for you personally.

Remember when you're making your video resume that you're really combining your resume as well as an interview . Your video resume should be short, succinct, professional, and should supply the potential employer an idea of your personality without compromising your professionalism. Like everyone else don’t want to post compromising pictures or info on your social networking site profile as potential employers are going to look at it, and you don’t want your video resume to turn off potential employers.

Here are some important things to consider when you are preparing to make your video resume:

Pick a white or neutral background - You might be tempted to use your assortment of baseball hats, stuffed toys, collectible plates, DVDs, or other trinkets to express your personality in your video resume but that’s a mistake.

You want potential employers to be focusing on you, not on what is over your shoulder or in the backdrop. Also don’t select a crazy sheet or cloth for a background.

Setup a desk or a chair along a white wall without any art or perhaps one framed neutral piece of art; not a poster from the punk band you saw last night. If you don’t have a white or neutral colored wall in your home to use as a background then hang a white sheet to use as a background but make sure the sheet is neat and hang it straight so that it does not seem like you have a bed sheet hanging behind you.

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