If You Cannot Attend A Self-Defense Class You Can Teach Yourself Online


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  • Published May 18, 2011
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To assume that you will never be targeted for a violent attack is dangerous. Random acts of violence are becoming more frequent, and assaults for gain on ordinary people are as common as ever. The risk is there for all of us, and that means any advantage you can get might be the difference between serious injury and no injury. The way to get that advantage is very simple - you learn self-defense.

To learn basic techniques to deal with a variety of attacks doesn't mean attending an exhausting three-days-per-week, training schedule, although that would be great. You don't have to completely change your lifestyle either, although some adjustments should be considered, like the places you go, the way you present yourself, or the items you carry with you. What the average person needs is easy-to-learn lessons that teach proven methods that could save lives. As well as being better equipped to fend off an assault, when you have learned a few basic self-defense techniques you will find your confidence increases, and that confidence could mean that an attacker will not target you at all. Prevention is better than cure.

So what are your options?

Locally, you should be able to find places that teach good self-defense skills that fit into your daily plans. There are many different instructors with many different ways of teaching, so it is wise to ask if you can watch a lesson before you make a decision. It's also worth noting that when you are being taught something the methods used by the teacher are not always suitable for your needs. We all remember good and bad teachers from school, and who we learned best from. Maybe structured and regular training is not for you simply because your circumstances do not allow you to commit to regular lessons.

For those of us with a reason that we can't attend self-defense classes there is another option, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. There are some excellent online self-defense courses that will teach you effective methods to protect yourself at your own pace, and in your own home. Online training techniques are taught by experts, and along with vital instructional videos and great support, these courses are becoming more and more popular.

You join, you get the training material, you learn, you protect yourself.

A simple online search for something like, "Online self-defense lessons", will yield many results, and while this can sometimes be confusing, a few clicks should separate the good from the bad. An online self-defense course should provide you with easy-to-learn material with plenty of emphasis on watching others using the techniques. Look out for sample videos of the methods they teach. If you find these sample videos easy to follow then explore further. Learning the simplest self-defense skills is a must, but many people find they learn the basics very quickly and want to learn more. Does your chosen course teach advanced techniques for those that want to learn them? How much training do they provide for attacks using weapons? Being assaulted with a knife or a gun is very different compared to an attack with no weapons.

Once you have made your choice it's up to you to proceed with the training and move forward. The great thing about online training is the lack of restrictions on how fast you learn. If you feel the need to give yourself five lessons one week and ten the next, then that is exactly what you do. If something important means missing a lesson then it's easy to catch up. Added to this is the self-motivation factor. Teaching yourself is an excellent way to build more confidence in yourself, and if you can involve friends or family members then others will benefit too.

Ultimately, any self-defense training you receive is better than no training at all. It is difficult to avoid damage from a violent attack even if you are well trained. With no training at all the chances of damage are massively increased. Do you want to take that chance?

You can teach yourself self-defense moves at [http://handtohandcombatlessons.com/](http://handtohandcombatlessons.com/) G J Thomas is a regular guy with a passion for helping ordinary people protect themselves. Click here to learn self-defense moves that will protect you from common attacks.

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