Five Ways To Make Visitors Trust Your Website

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  • Published March 14, 2011
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When learning how to make a website you need to factor into the equation, that no matter what type of product or service you are offering, especially those looking to create an online store you have to know how to make visitors trust your website; in plain and simple terms, if they don’t trust you for whatever reason, they are not going to buy from you. Knowing how to gain trust will significantly increase your chances of obtaining more sales and in order to make your visitors trust you, there are just five simple guidelines to follow.

Let Them Know Who You Are

It is a sad fact that there are some out there who have suffered at the hands of online fraudsters and criminals and many who have had bad experiences and naturally awareness is high when it comes to trust you have to earn it. If you make a website and have nothing to hide and have full confidence in what you are promoting, be it blog or product then a good way enhancing trust is actually let the visitors know who you are. If you are looking to create an online store then list your company details; company name, address, telephone and fax numbers an email. You can even provide content that explains who is behind your business website is and the history. Providing names makes it even more personal and the more you can tell about yourself, the more the visitor will trust.

Privacy Policy

Having a clear privacy policy that is easily accessible and readable will work towards establishing trust with your visitor. If you decide to make a website that collects data in the way of payment or address details, like with an ecommerce website then have a clear, relevant privacy policy accessible from the homepage. If you are not sure what to put, then have a look around at sites that are similar as to what you are doing or promoting and get an idea what to display.

Terms and Conditions

A good measure of the reliability of the website is if it has a web page that displays the terms and conditions. A business is taken a lot more serious if there terms and conditions and in most cases it provides good reassurance to the visitor as to the fairness and openness of your website


It is always pleasing to read good things about a product especially if they are not made up and can be backed up with evidence. Having genuine customer testimonials will go a long way in helping gain trust from your visitors. Of course it is very easy to fake and a lot are faked but you should avoid this and only put genuine positive testimonials up on your web page, which you can invite as there is nothing wrong with asking customers about their satisfaction and the process of getting feedback will help a great deal in knowing where to improve the service or product that you are promoting.

Give Them What They Want

At the end of the day when you make a website you should do your best to give the customers exactly what they want and are expecting of you. Providing a website that meets the different needs and expectations will go a long way to gaining trust. At a very basic level you can make a website for free that has no typo or spelling errors. People expect a degree of professionalism in every area, including the standard of language you use and if you make a promise, then you work your best to keep that promise. This is especially important in an ecommerce website where the on-time delivery and safe transaction of goods purchased are an essential part of building trust as well as customer loyalty.

Gaining the trust of your visitor has endless benefits and should never be taken for granted. Follow the 5 simple guidelines and make every effort to give the expected best service and you will go a long way to the much coveted trust of the visitor.

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