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  • Published May 27, 2011
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Here are lots about women body language and the way they think. If you want to be able to date models and the most beautiful girls in your neighborhood, you need to perfectly understand how women think in relationship, how they make decisions

Women don't really say it, they behave it when it comes to what they want from the man, only few girls could walk up to their guys and demand for it...you know, walk up to him and say "come and eat me up" they consider it "overstepping of their boundary"

If you took a girl out on a date and she was so thrill she wanted you to come and kiss her, she just wouldn't walk up to you and say "kiss me" if she visited your house and was turned on by the way you talk and the things you said. What do you think she would do? I think she would still maintain a rather calm disposition until you are able to read her body language and "move in"

I bet you have dated lots of girls or even one pretty girl is enough for the experiment, keep looking, look closely...observe, how she reacts when she is just into you, she blushes, often nervous, managing to keep up the conversation and also wondering how you would react if you notice she is into you.

Women do that a lot...wondering what you would think, When you walk into a club and a pretty girl is carried away by your presence, she was so attracted to you but she doesn't know what to do, whether walk up to you and start a conversation, "no" she would thought to herself, "he's going to take me for some cheap flirt, Now she would want to create an image you would want to buy

So she conceals her desires and try showing off by flirting, smiles at you, keep staring till you notice she is staring, then you walk over and say "can I have number?" and she says "no" hoping you would ask nicely and respectfully or get to know her first, She may be dying to have you all to herself; however, she wouldn't just throw herself at you, those are the games women play in relationships

They want it, but they just can't go for it or more like they just can't say it. How do you think a woman behaves when she wants to be kissed, ask for it? Beg for it? NO, she bits her lips in those "come get me" manner, she bits and stares at you hoping you would read her, draw close and kiss her. No, you wouldn't because you can see the way her hands were moving, you thought it was normal.

Then you give her the impression that she is dealing with an armature, and you turn her off, and complain that girls seem to stop picking your call and replying to your text message after. Pretty girls just don’t like dealing with the simple nice guys because they are not bold enough to take the plunge and do the deal without whimpering and shying off

I once asked a few girls if she would be bold enough to approach their boyfriend for sex, one said "once I get to his house uninvited he would know I am in" while about 70% of them said they would never ask for sex "if he doesn't know what to do we drink water and walk away"

Women always want you to be the head, some guys dress nice, walk along the streets and hope a pretty girl would stop them...you wouldn't do that if you understand women body languages... you need to stop waiting for girls to make the first move, go for it when you want it, cut out the pretense...let the girls pretend...be the man

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