Memory Improvement Techniques To Make Life Meaningful


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  • Published June 15, 2011
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Memory improvement is very significant to lead a meaningful life. Memory is the mental ability to retain and recall past experiences effectively. It is important to live in the present moment to its fullest, and also to have recollection of our past experiences and people.

Memory and Learning

Memory power is very crucial to learn new things in life. During school years a person's memory power is at its peak because new information is introduced on a daily basis. If you understand the concept, you can effectively store and retrieve the information. If the information is not stored in the long-term memory, you will not remember it.

Memory Improvement Techniques

Losing memory in old age is quite natural. But some people experience trouble in remembering things even at an early stage. The good news is that there are some effective memory improvement techniques that help anybody enhance their memory power.

Active Brain and Body: The basic requirement to acquire strong memory skill is to maintain a healthy brain and body. Children are capable of recollecting a lot of things mainly because their brain and body are kept in an active mode during the school years. Physical exercise also helps in increased vitality of brain. It increases oxygen to the brain, lessening the risk of disorders that lead to memory loss. Exercise also helps protect brain cells. Daily intake of protein and fiber-rich food helps sharpen memory power.

Reading: Reading is considered as one of the most important exercise for brain. Brain exercises help keep the brain active. As we read, we store a lot of information in the brain. The brain processes the interesting and relevant information. Memory consists of three stages - encoding, storing, and retrieving information. The brain cells have to be active to perform these functions. Engaging in brain games are another important remedy for memory loss.

Sleep Well: Engaging your brain and body does not mean compromising on sleep. A sleep-deprived person will tend to have a tired brain that cannot operate at full capacity. Good sleeping habit help enhance creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills. Research has proved that sleep is vital for memory consolidation.

Mnemonics: Defined as "memory tool," creating your own mnemonics to remember certain concepts will be of much help. These techniques can be extremely helpful to students.

Laughter: Laughter is a good medicine not only for longer life span but also for enhanced memory. Laughter involves multiple areas across the whole brain; it activates the brain cells in an effective way.

The only shortcut to gain great memory skill it to put in great efforts on it.

If you are interested in the information that you have heard or read you are likely to remember it when the need comes. In order to improve memory, one should intentionally try for it by following the memory improvement techniques and tips.

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