Website designing in the Neo - Cosmic age

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  • Author Abhishek Baliya
  • Published July 8, 2011
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The journey of website designing has always been marked by significant events of advancement, leading to greater technology revolution revolving web development. Today websites have become personal symbolizing a spirit of exclusivity. Such development renders to popularity where as the finer aspects of web technology are still being captured by the E - Commerce websites. Trade, technology and sophistication could synchronize together on this unique platform owing to the E – Commerce websites.

Technology & Creative aspects of Website designing

Some of the technical terms in website designing are no more treated like jargons but have found space in day-to-day aspect of every company of any capacity. The modern-day websites could be built on many innovative platforms like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and even .Net. PHP has become one of the developer’s favorite platforms. The well-known dynamic websites which are interactive will assist in multiple functions. E - Commerce websites are the most advanced of them all, giving way to an exclusive platform that enables high-end business applications. Technology interface comes to life when it goes hand in glove with creative acumen. Creativity is the significant aspect in designing world-class website if it is an E - Commerce website or a simple personal website.

The interactive websites are much spoken about as part of interactive and online design innovation. While E – commerce websites promise superiority in business operations, there are other types of creative features such as flash website design. When any website is designed it spins around the audience, prospective customers and long term strategy of the company. One of the finest experiences with website design has been with flash website design which could literally mesmerize the visitors and the site viewers, capturing a valuable mindshare. Apart from being creatively rich and technologically advanced, a website has always been a wonderful marketing tool taking your point across to thousands of prospective clients. And the E-commerce Webdesigners in India are no more unknown to this fact.

Security challenges with E – Commerce Websites

Right from the policy definition to the delivery mechanism, an E – Commerce website is under scrutiny as it could be vulnerable to cyber susceptibility. There are many questions asked about the hosting platforms which are equally vulnerable. Only those web designing companies with real hands on experience could handle such challenges with time. Cloud computing is one emerging concept which needs evaluation in the light of security challenges. The E-commerce Webdesigners in India and across the world must use stringent coding when they build E – Commerce websites to make sure security which is the key challenge amidst a great deal of sophistication.

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