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Creating backlinks is an excellent method to increase pagerank and signal to search engine spiders that your website needs to be crawled often, and therefore ranked higher (more links = more votes!). Various free and paid methods are used by webmasters to create backlinks. Adopting the right strategies for creating backlinks will enable webmasters to lead more people to their websites, which results in higher revenues and greater profits.

Several webmasters believe that if they buy backlinks in large quantities, they will be able to achieve the number one position during an online search operation. However, this is not always true and may actually have negative repercussions as the popular search engines may consider this as spamming.

Using some of the free techniques to create backlinks has its own advantages. The most important advantage is that free methods are free, which makes them cost-efficient (but time is money) as some paid methods charge as much as $500 per month for hundreds of backlinks. Free links are controlled by the webmasters and posted in sites comprising of relevant content related to their specific niche. Most of the popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo provide importance to backlinks that are manually created and are wary of computer-generated links. Sharing your sites and blogs with other people lets you create a higher number of backlinks. This generates several links which are shared all over the Internet. However, ensure that all the links within your content remain relevant to ensure higher traffic to your site.

Following and commenting on blogs

This is one of the best methods to create backlinks. However, this is a tedious method that provides excellent results. Webmasters can pay freelancers to leave comments on blogs to create high pagerank backlinks, or perhaps even in bulk with a tool such as Scrapebox. Alternatively, webmasters can assess the techniques of other competitors and use reverse engineering to create backlinks.

Profile creation on forums

Most search engines do not encourage forums spamming. Therefore, webmasters must procure the services that enable profiling on the site instead of posting the links within the blog content or thread. Some of the forums allow webmasters to create signature link that is related to every comment that is made. However, while posting replies it is recommended that you post it within the conversation to avoid being ousted as a spammer. Buying forum profiles, or forum postings is one of the great ways to get bulk links; just be sure to not link directly to your money site and filter through web 2.0 sites such as free blog hosting platforms.

Social media networking

Social media has seen significant growth in the recent times. These sites provide users the option to vote and several additional features. Some of the popular social media sites include Digg and Reddit, which enjoy a high trust by the popular search engines. Webmasters may use these sites to post their sites or article URLs to create effective backlinks. Services exist to social bookmark your website, including buying diggs. The bookmarking can be a crucial role to making your website appear as an authority in its niche.

Several webmasters buy backlinks after they have used all the freely available methods to create backlinks. It is common to see webmasters go overboard in the initial phase, when they commence buying backlinks. Inexperience and lack of knowledge results in webmasters making incorrect decisions with disappointing outcomes. Therefore, webmasters need to keep in mind some factors while buying backlinks.

Choosing the right backlinks

Firstly, ensure that the backlinks you buy are what you need. Although, different people have varying opinions, it is best to choose quality over quantity to start. These include article submissions, blog postings, and forum/blog interaction on good quality sites. These methods should provide the site a higher ranking assuming that the anchor text is not highly competitive. In case, these are insufficient, webmasters may choose other methods to create additional backlinks.

Several companies provide numerous options to webmasters to buy backlinks. All these service providers have their benefits and disadvantages along with their own budgets and capabilities. The chosen provider depends on factors, such as the amount an individual is willing to spend, requirements of your anchor text keywords, and other factors. For individuals with low budgets, using the services of freelances from Fiverr or Warrior Forum is advised. Although, the quality would be relatively inferior, these backlinks would still result in increasing the rankings. For highly competitive keywords and large competition, choosing users of Freelancer is recommended. Although, their fees are higher, they provide superior quality content to assist webmasters create effective backlinks.

Research the service providers

Backlinks service providers differ in the efforts and quality that is provided to clients. Moreover, you will often find several such providers who are of no great use and want to only earn some money out of innocent webmasters. Therefore, while hiring the services of backlinks providers, ensure that sufficient research is undertaken. Review the positive and negative feedback given by other users before making your decision. Analyze the reasons for any negative feedback and ensure that the provider maintains the confidentially of the clients.

Another important factor that webmasters must keep in mind while buying backlinks, is to ensure the relevance of the service provider to their requirements. Most of the reputed search engines, such as Google or Bing penalize webmasters when their backlinks originate from irrelevant and unrelated origin. These links are considered as spamming and are ignored by the search engine spiders. Hence, it is more important to create fewer number of relevant and high quality links instead of creating a larger number of unrelated backlinks.

Using reliable sites

Most of the search engine optimization experts recommend using reputed and high pagerank sites to buy backlinks. Some of these sites may include university, schools, and government institutional sites. The search engine spiders provide high pageranks to these sites that are considered reliable. Webmasters must avoid inferior sites, such as gaming sites and adult sites. Although, the users visiting these sites may be numerous, the search engines do not provide good reputation to such sites and hence must be avoided.

Some other points that webmasters should take into consideration while buying backlinks is to avoid blacklisted sites, link on expired domain names, and buying backlinks from link farms that are created only to sell these backlinks.

Creating backlinks to increase your keyword ranking during an online search query is important and recommended for becoming successful. However, webmasters need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the numerous methods that are used to create backlinks.

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