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  • Author Samuel Paulclare
  • Published July 30, 2011
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A Registry is central hierarchical database which is used in all Microsoft including Windows 98, Windows CE, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 used to store information that is essential to construct the system for one or more users, applications and also for hardware devices.

The Registry contains all important information that Windows operating system repeatedly mentions during its all operation, such as, the applications present on the computer and the types of documents that each can produce, profiles for every user, property sheet settings for various folders and other application icons, how many and what all hardware exist on the operating system, and the running and essential ports that are getting used in the normal operations. An important information which is- the Registry substitutes most of the text-based .ini files previous to that are used in Windows 3.x and MS-DOS configuration files, chiefly such as the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files or functions. Even though the Registry is general to more than a few Windows operating systems, there are some differences among them. Now due to its very high importance in all the windows operating systems a security or protection issue also goes very high.

Few small changes to this registry can create havoc to the system and it won’t run smoothly at all. For this purpose a registry cleaner comes in light which is very helpful to protect windows registry. You might have heard about the registry cleaner nowadays in fact today there is a flood like situation in the Internet market about these registry cleaner. Though this is also an important thing to be noted that all the registry cleaner are not same and very few of them work fine and perform their intended task successfully. While comparing a registry cleaner with manual changes to the registry it is important that it should not remove any needed file by windows OS.

Since a registry is very sensitive and core component of any windows system today so it is essential to take preventive measures in order to keep it fit and in working condition. Various external and malicious attacks make your Pc unstable and poor in performance. Here I would also like to mention that though we can make changes or can correct registry manually as well however, this alternate is not very advisable at all. An incorrect change can create many issues such as BSOD, freezing or related program may not run at all. So just be aware of it. With a good registry cleaner we can eliminate this shortcoming and can protect our PC for sure.

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