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  • Published August 1, 2011
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Phenomenal ways to improve memory utilized by Grand Master Memory Experts, which are experts known for encoding important and relevant information in the brain. You can memorize truckloads of information by encoding information in your brain. You’re frustrating and embarrassing days are literally over-with, because you can remember names, dates, facts, figures and important information at your command.

My focus and goal is to expose the secrets of "GMME," which stands for Grand Master Memory Experts. "GMME" use proven "Brain Encoding Methods" to memorize thousands of digits in a matter of minutes. Memory Experts worldwide compete yearly for the Grand Master Memory Expert Crown. The participant’s rank according to the amount of digits they memorized. The winners of memory competition are labeled as the Grand Master Memory Experts. There are 36 Grand Master Memory Experts worldwide that utilize "Brain Encoding Methods." They can remarkably memorize hundreds and thousands of digits in less than one hour. The participant that memorize the most digits receive the "Grand Master Memory Crown"

The secret to recalling names, dates, facts, figures and important information is using the brain encoding method that work for you. The brain encodes and stores important and relevant information in the brain. The same brain encoding method utilized by the "Grand Masters," may work for you. At first I discounted the brain encoding method, because it was used particularly for memorizing digits. Through observation, testing and practicing for myself the brain encoding methods worked. 80-90% of information I can memorize without stress or frustration. Just like most of my readers seeking secrets to improve their memory I realize that the answer can be right in your face.

The history of Brain Encoding Methods has vanished from the traditional learning platform. However it is the most important element used by the "Grand Master Memory Experts" to memorize digits. I realize that most of you could care less about abstract symbols, numbers and facts. Of course your mind was never designed and trained to accomplish this type of learning. However you can use "Brain Encoding Methods" to memorize virtually anything. I believe that "Brain Encoding" is the keys to the kingdom of memory improvement. You can embrace this revolutionary and life changing method. Give it a try you have absolutely nothing to lose. Could you imagine recalling names, dates, facts, figures and information at your command?

I know that most of you should understand the importance of encoding information in the brain, which is the key to recalling information. Maybe you just want to ace your school exam, pass your employment promotion test or even memorize a full card deck. Brain Encoding Methods can be used to exercise, strengthen and increase your memory.

Today I will expose a few traditional ways to improve memory that are utilized to encode information into the brain. As you should know by now training the brain to encode valuable and relevant information is the key to memorizing.

There are no quick fix methods; however practicing "Brain Encoding Methods" can transform you into an information recalling wizard. Just like prize athlete in training that practice and exercise the body. You should train, practice and exercise your brain to recall information. It is absolutely impossible to gain the correct knowledge from just one article. However you can review 5 basic and traditional brain encoding methods below that my help:

  1. Practicing Acronyms Method is one of the many simple ways to improve memory. This method can be used to memorize words. By using the first letter to associate and remember the entire word or phrase.

Example: NBA stands for National Basketball Association; FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigators.

  1. Associations that require using your six senses helps you connect with information, which can encoded in the brain fast and your rate of memorization increases.

  2. Increment Associations this method is utilized for memorizing numbers in increments. You can easily memorize telephone numbers, driver’s license numbers and social security numbers with ease.

Example: Focus and concentrate on memorizing this number as a whole ID # 466732456, but if you break the numbers into increments the numbers are easy to remember. Like 466, 732, 456 affords you to learn and recall the numbers fast better known as chunk memorization.

  1. Acrostic Association this simple method used to remember sentences and paragraphs the 1st letter associate with the word or paragraph you need to remember.

  2. Loci Association the Ancient Greeks orators, philosophers used this method to memorize their speeches and relevant information. This memory technique disappeared from history and came back into modern history from approximately 2000 years ago. You can encode information in the brain by associating locations with the information. The ancient Greeks utilized this method by walking through buildings numerous times associating views and distinct areas. This form of learning is based upon continuous visual repetition.

There are many ways to improve memory; however the best way is to use the secrets of Grandmaster memory experts, which is better known as brain encoding methods. Brain encoding is a difficult subject to come by, however I have read numerous books and articles, but there is one eBook called "Improve Memory and Change Your Life Forever" that is jammed packed with the latest and greatest "Brain Encoding Methods" to improve memory. Just by being exposed to the correct knowledge alone will help circumvent a lot of hardship.

Kenneth Williams is a sought-after memory enthusiast, author and memory improvement specialists with the latest and greatest brain encoding methods found here: Ways To Improve Memory

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