How Do You Improve Your Memory?


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  • Published August 1, 2011
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How do you improve memory using proven brain encoding methods? This amazing information gives you the key to improving memory better known as brain encoding. You can encode important and relevant information in the brain. We take pride in navigating eager readers to the correct knowledge in hope that it will enrich your life.

Our motto, "Knowledge is not power, but the correct use of knowledge is power". It is our hope that you use the correct knowledge to eliminate harsh learning curves and prevent from traveling down long lost dreary roads, stumbling into rattle snake pits and lion's dens.

"Brain Encoding Methods" can prevent you from traveling down dreary roads, stumbling into rattle snake pits, and lion dens. 99.9% of memory enthusiast use proven "Brain Encoding" methods, which is simply the "Correct Knowledge." I assure you that "Knowledge is not power, but the "Correct Use of Knowledge" is power. You can start practicing proven "Brain Encoding" methods, which is the key ingredient to improving your memory. "Brain Encoding Methods" can be used to ace exams, remember important information, and become more dependable and reliable with everyone.

The pivotal question that most readers want to know is how do you improve memory? We'll I hope to answer this question with precision, accuracy and full detail. The most effective way I know to encode information in the brain requires commitment and consistent practice. You can consistently practice brain encoding methods to create brain encoding habits.

The brain encodes information that is considered to be relevant and important; however the brain could be encoding information while you are reading this article. Mr. Brain Encoder may think that the information is important enough to memorize. The reason you should adopt ‘Brain Encoding Methods" is to create structure to optimize encoding information in the brain. Most people panic whenever it is time to recall information, because they do not have a process to practice that encode information into the brain. You should have brain encoding methods specifically for memorizing: (1) names (2) dates (3) facts (4) and numbers. In most cases there is any structured training process in place to practice. You should write down the top brain encoding methods to create proper training structure. This way you can use your brain encoding methods to recall the information to prevent from having a panic attack.

Remember practice does not make perfect, but it does make you better and can create the correct learning habits that personally work for you. You should practice you’re proven brain encoding methods until they become healthy habits. The secret to learning is simply encoding information in the brain.

Today I'm going to touch basis on how to use brain encoding to strengthen and improve your memory. Encoding information in the brain is a highly evasive subject that most memory enthusiasts and "Grand Master Memory Experts" want dare address. The subject matter, "Brain Encoding Methods" is difficult to come by. However here (3) three traditional "Brain Encoding Methods" that are regularly practiced below:

Associating Pictures is one of the finest methods I have used to remember names, dates, facts, figures and detailed information. You associate a picture in my mind with the (name, dates, facts, figures and detailed information to encode the information in the brain. Prime Example: I can picture an image of the "Houston Astrodome" that relate to something big. Simply the "Houston Astrodome" picture association reminds me of something big in nature. Next you associate the Houston Astrodome with the name, date, fact, figure or detailed information that you want to recall.

Associating Faces is a unique method I have used as well as how to associate detailed facial features of a person to remember the name. Also I have learned to play close attention to the facial structure to connect with the name of person. Prime Example: President Bush facial structure reminds me of the guy on the front page of Mad Magazine. You think about Mad Magazine and President Bush you can easily remember his name.

Associating Photos is easy way to remember a lot of details. I associate the picture and concentrate to remember all the glory details that the picture reminds me of. Focusing and concentrating deep on the picture the more information you’ll remember. It is true that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

You can also start associating pictures, faces and photos to remember information and become an expert. Just like any skill if you practice enough you'll create a healthy habit. I recommend that you use proven methods that work for you to incorporate into your process of learning.

How do you improve memory it's simply elementary when you know the secret is about encoding information in the brain. Brain encoding is a difficult subject to come by, however I have read numerous books and articles, but there is an eBook called "Improve Memory and Change Your Life Forever" that is jammed packed with the latest and greatest "Brain Encoding Methods" to improve memory. Just by being exposed to the correct knowledge alone will help circumvent a lot of hardship.

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