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  • Author Rick Brown
  • Published August 2, 2011
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As parents I always have the fear in my mind. How can I make my PC safe for my children? Because in this era of internet, each and everything is easily accessible and available internet including mature contents and videos. So your PC is not safe at all for your kids who can operate it. In comes Parental Control Software and solves the problem for me. Now my PC is much safer for my kids even if they can access internet with the help of this software. I can really control their access of internet.

It is such a software which is developed with the focus to give parents customizes their children way in internet by a very revolutionary way. Once you install this software in your PC half job is done there. This very software works as fine on Mac and Linux as fine as in Windows. Now that installation is done you have to turn the software on. It is very easy way to block unwanted website or content with this very software. Just go open the software and put the web address or even keywords that you want to block. Even you can block social networking site which are potentially dangerous for your kids. Once you set your preference and turn it on as administrator every time your children search or type the web address with mature content the software stop the clients system (your web browser) to fetch the website with the keyword you set before or stop opening the websites. The parental control software read the Meta information (Meta keywords, Meta description, alt tags) of all the websites or image or video before it opens. Then it matches the keywords or URL with your preference. And if it finds any keywords that you don’t want to open. Immediately the software blocks that content to open be it video or image or anything. So you can be rest assured that your PC is very secure once you have this software installed.

I hope I could make my point clear how this software works. Not only for your kids at home but also in your office you can use this software. It really makes internet browsing safer than ever before. The software can really stop misuse your valuable resource home as well as in office. All you have to do is set up the software in every machine and set your preference. That’s it. None can access any unethical websites or video or images for that matter.

Let internet be a great resource of knowledge for your kids at home, and stay away being in awkward situation with the help of parental control software. In office make sure your valuable resource is used in a proper way towards prosperity.

Rick Brown is a software professional. A software developer and occasional writer himself. Specializes in writing on technical topics and giving his opinion about parental control software. To know more, please visit K9 parental control.

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