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  • Published August 9, 2011
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Bollywood is the name given to the Hindi Film industry. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds and has gained immense popularity over the recent past. Bollywood movies are enjoyed by people all across the globe. It is typically a ‘Masala’ movie in the true sense of the word (the word for a collection of spices) as a bollywood movie showcases all human emotions of happiness, anger, love and grief. Inclusion of numerous songs and dances in movies draws the attention of millions of enthusiastic viewers. Indian Audiences are big fans of bollywood movies. On an average, 14 million Indians go to movies on daily basis. Hindi being the national language is understood by most Indians and thus Bollywood movies have much more fan following than regional movies, which are also now becoming popular amongst the masses.

More than the movies, actors acting in those movies interest the audiences. Indian movies are built on subjects that are close to life and each character enacted by the Actor in the film can be easily related by the audiences. That’s why Bollywood actors are treated like ‘big stars’ in this country. The Bollywood craze is so high in India that sometimes actors are even worshipped in temples that are built in reverence to them! Such strong human emotion can only be seen in India! Since Bollywood is the favorite subject of conversation among Indian Audiences, there are several Bollywood Magazines, talk shows and t.v channels that provide with latest Bollywood reviews and bollywood gossip videos. Nowadays even news channels showcase bollywood happenings for increasing their TRP’s!

Of many Bollywood magazines, the most commonly read magazine is ‘Filmfare’! The popular magazine holds all the latest bollywood news. From interesting articles on Bollywood to latest Hindi Movie reviews, Filmfare has it all! The Filmfare website also has some intriguing bollywood gossip in store! You can download your favorite actor’s wallpapers, visit the bollywood actress photo gallery and look at the most amazing pictures of your beloved actress. That is not all! Apart from reading engaging bollywood articles, you can download latest Hindi songs videos and share it with your friends! Today, watching a movie has become expensive and above that if the movie turns out to be a flop then all your money goes into the drain! Here, bollywood movies review becomes extremely essential. Filmfare provides you with updated reviews on all new bollywood movie releases. Know who’s dating who? And also be acquainted with the latest happenings in the life of your favorite bollywood stars only with the bollywood gossip videos available at the portal.

Flimfare shares with you all the filmy masala! To know more bollywood secrets and interesting revelations of the glamour industry, visit our website!

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