Making the Most of Having Used a Motivational Speaker


  • Author Callie Roos
  • Published August 21, 2011
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Having a motivational speech given to your employees, or even being involved in hearing one yourself, is always a great learning experience and chance to find new strategies of working, as well as being inspired by success stories from a certain area of interest. The impact of a motivational speaker can only leave you with so much though and is not something that will last forever, so steps need to be put in place that will reinforce the message and make sure that you always keep it on board and use it wisely.

If you are the person arranging for the motivational speech to take place, or if you are looking around for a place on a specific type of motivational speech, then always look into the extras that you can get for the price. You want booklets on tips to keep the motivation you have gained going, you want transferable skills being taught if possible and you want to try and have interactive sessions where you can learn to practice certain skills and make sure that you understand everything that you are spoken to about.

From the session you can then set yourself targets, or help your team of employees to make both group and individual goals which can be worked towards using the new skills that you have gained; the confidence that should have been instilled by the session and the personalised strategy that you have had outline for you. Give time limits for these, or have a prize for the people who use the techniques to, for example, maximise and get the most sales that month, and give praise where it is due from following through with the new methods.

Self motivation from both colleagues and people above you in a business is extremely important when trying to achieve new and better personal performances. Praise reinforces this so make sure you treat yourself or show your team that they are appreciated when they make the effort and see results.

Do a timed review of how the speaker has helped you or your business and make sure that everything is on track. If response has been good, then you could look into more or similar sessions. Once you see that everything is ticking along nicely in the short term, then longer terms goals using the same methods (and giving praise for the steps towards them) can be set and are more likely to be accomplished. Thus, the cost of the speaker in the first place will balance out if you can continue to keep the sense of motivation within your team and yourself.

Callie Roos is a motivational speaker, teambuilding and leadership training expert from the heart of Africa. He uses his lifetime experiences of tracking and survival in the African wilds to move organisations and their people from survival to significance.

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