Can Pepper Sprays Subdue A Violent Assailant

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  • Author Jerry Wilkins
  • Published November 17, 2011
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Are pepper sprays truly an effective self defense weapons? We are going to examine one of the more common myths or misconceptions about pepper sprays

An acquaintance of mine recently asked me why I sell pepper sprays. At first I did not grasp the implications of his question but after talking with him for a few minutes I realized that he believed they were useless as a deterrent for violence. I started to ask friends what they thought of pepper sprays and I was surprised about most of their answers. Pepper sprays are very cheap therefore they probably won't do the job was the usual answer. I later accepted the fact this is a common misconception

Pepper sprays are extremely inexpensive however just because a product does not cost you an arm and a leg does not mean it is useless. This attitude seems to prevail in our American society today, yet people will aggressively shop for bargains and sales. The price of pepper sprays is directly connected to manufacturing costs and the size of the container the larger the container the higher the price. Let's also note that most pepper sprays are manufactured in countries with a much cheaper workforce. It should be obvious that the retail price for pepper sprays should not be an issue.

What about the effectiveness of this product?

Pepper spray is really a non-lethal self defense weapon developed to spray into the face of the assailant. Pepper spray affects the mucous membranes, leading to your eyes dilating and triggering temporary blindness. Additionally, it irritates the bronchial tube causing it to swell, making it hard for the attacker to breathe. One burst of pepper spray affects your eyes, throat, nasal cavity and lung area, allowing the effects to last as much as two hours. Pepper spray is produced from hot cayenne all kinds of peppers. The active component is known referred to as oleoresin capsicum.

Pepper sprays are a proven reliable self defense weapon. Law enforcement Agencies, correctional facilities and Security Companies have all provided their personnel with pepper sprays. I was sprayed with this product while training with 40 other cadets at the Baltimore City Police Academy. Ever one was incapacitated for at least thirty minutes, and it was a few hours before we fully recovered. I also used pepper sprays on suspects resisting arrest and the only problem I incurred after that was listening to them screaming for help. If you would like to try a very efficient, highly reliable self defense system for around ten visit my web site at

Jerome Wilkins is a former decorated Baltimore City Police Officer. He is presently a Security Consultant and owner of DefendMax LLC. Visit his web site and and get a 10% discount off of your 1st order of pepper spray or other self defense product.

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