Carbonite Online Backup Review: Does it Do the Job?

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  • Author Cary Wickline
  • Published February 10, 2012
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Carbonite is a fairly well known name in the world of online backup. It makes usage of a desktop computer user interface that's user-friendly as well as effortless to set up and that makes endorsing up remarkably beneficial for end-users.

Carbonite divides its plans into home as well as business selections. For the company customer, the deal features 250 gigabytes of memory space for a total of $ 229 every year. This deal is expandable, however. There is additionally a server possibility readily available for business customers that require to back up their servers and which features a substantially much larger volume of storage spot. The home deal costs $ 59 each year as well as permits you to backup one laptop. A free testing is supplied for a 14-day term for home customers as well as a 30-day term for company customers.

Carbonite has some incredibly good features, particularly for those that aren't the most technically innovative desktop computer users out there and who like a system that supplies them some guidance in endorsing up the files appropriately.


Carbonite has one of the most captivating ideas in backup software around. Instead of having to go with all of your files manually and figure out which ones you want to backup, the original installment process will certainly backup all of your documents, pictures, video clips as well as popular music files for you. You can easily add added files to the backup process, of program, and it's no more complicated the best clicking on them. This makes it a very convenient service and one that will certainly most absolutely appeal to customers that want things to be as automatic as possible. SSL encryption is sustained during transfers.


Carbonite will take a prolonged time to finalize its backup procedure on the first usage. Since it endorses up so countless files automatically, it could even take a few of days to finish transfering anything off your computer. It's a fantastic choice but predict to lose a bit of bandwidth during the first backup operation.


Carbonite offers excellent business deals as well as great house customer deals. The business plans really should be enough to suit the demands of most providers, by having a mighty 500 gigabytes of storage space being readily available for their server backup deal. For house users, the original backup routine could be a bit frustrating in the volume of time it is very likely to take, however the safety it supplies will definitely be refreshing. Subsequent backup routines will not take approximately as lengthy.


Carbonite has plenty of features that will definitely appeal to the end customer. Principally, the fact that this backup service permits you to have the files endorsed up immediately suggests that there is extremely little guess work involved in it. Including brand-new files to the backup routine is straightforward enough that any person will definitely be able to understand it. This makes it an excellent alternative for customers that simply desire something that will automatically endorse up their economic files as well as so forth. Business customers will likely appreciate many of the same features however the intuitive interface and self-regulating backup will likely not be of as much use to IT specialists.

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