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  • Published February 14, 2012
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The surest way to landing a job that you both want and will allow you to live the life you deserve is to have a degree and job experience. The majority of available jobs, that pay at or above the minimum salary to cover living expenses require that applicants have an Associate's Degree or a Bachelor's Degree. There are many colleges and universities that have made their services accessible to pretty much everyone and anyone willing to pay the admission and employers out there know it. These same employers also know that there are quite a few opportunities, for attaining hands-on-training in most fields, lying in wait for those ambitious enough to make use of them. These opportunities are not lost on potential employers and they would like to see applicants that have taken advantage of the training that comes their way. That is how people land jobs that pay well, have medical and allow them to grow with a company.

The degree and job experience are almost necessary, in order to land a quality job position. Plenty of colleges are aware of this and have streamlined the degree programs and services they offer to make sure anyone can get a degree to help them along a career path of their choosing. The knowledge and the ability to absorb and make use of it is very important. It shows companies that you have the brains, skills and talent to perform the tasks they need completed competently.

Obtaining job experience in fields related to your career is equally important. Future employers will look favorably upon an applicant that has seen and worked with the kind of work that needs to be done. Knowledge is still just theory until it is put into practice. The most avid learner may fail utterly when placed in a position where they must call up what they have learned and put it to practical use. Knowing you have experience lets employers know that not only do you know how to do the task, but you have proven that fact through action. That is a powerful statement to be able to make.

Now, if you do not mind what kind of work you do and how much you get paid to do it, then maybe you do not need a degree and experience. However, if you decide at any point in your life, that you would like to have a career, then a degree and job experience are necessary. It hardly matters where you get the degree from, just make sure it is an accredited college or university that has a degree program in your field of interest. As far as gaining experience, try to find internships and entry level positions in the field that will accommodate your schedule, if you are also attending classes. If you are lucky, they will offer to help pay the costs of your education, if they find you a worthy investment.

No one can force anyone else to seek higher education and experience to improve their quality of life, but if you can, then you should. Attaining a degree and getting job experience are the two major components to landing on a career path that can satisfy your needs and desires in life.

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