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  • Published June 8, 2015
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Launching a Website is a nerve- racking job! And launching a new website is even more complex. What if you miss any links or details to be mentioned before the launch and it turned out to be a failure. All of the months you’ve worked spending the most crucial phase in planning, designing, coordinating, organizing and developing would go nowhere then. Launching is extremely frantic and hectic. So, having a launch checklist is important! It will help you to offload the job of remembering every tiny details and would make you sure that you haven’t missed anything!!!

So let’s get started by making a new launch website checklist: for the first time you need to make sure that you jot down every important key points that would be included before the launching. Write down each step along the way. Break your list into pre and post launch which will further help you in making your work easier if in future you need to add or delete anything according to your workflow.


Simple Content:

· Proofread your work i.e. you spelling and correction errors.

· Details about company should be mentioned properly.

· Formatting of images is corrected and displayed properly.

· Video/Audio items are correct and formatted properly.

· PDF files are linked up in the right way.

· All links are working correctly

· 404 page is created or customized

· Be sure all required licenses for images, fonts, plug-in, etc. are on file


· Company logo is linked on the site

· Company is viewed on Google

· Company is viewed on internet explorer

· Company is viewed on mozzarella

· Company is viewed on Firefox

· Images optimized on pages


· Set up new domain in cPanel

· Install database and user in cPanel

· Record new domain and database information into tracking software

· Always change the DNS or file name to my name server.

· Keep a check on site for any detail issues.

· Check for broken links on links and redirections


· All pages should have a unique post and titles.

· All pages should have a unique description.

· Pages post have less than 10 keywords that appear in page copy.

· You should register to all social media properties i.e. images, covers pages and link back to your website.


· Start blogging before you launch a website.

· Your website should be known by Google.

· It should give a fair idea to the readers before the launch that what is the site about.

Client debrief is the last step. Under update admin password and save in password management . It helps so much.


Isn't it a good start for starting a new website with the entire necessary checklist.

The conclusion of this article concludes with these points that it will help your

client and your team members to maintain and keep a record of the information.

Hopefully you can see that every team member would be assigned with their own

task which will lead up to a site launch. This team approach does the best job

for challenges of testing a site. So if you want your website to be successfully

launched so keep this checklist in handy before you launch a website!!!

This important checklist will help you to simplify the content, make more attractive design, optimize the SEO,help you to be known by blogging before launching. for further, have a look in detail by going through the article

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