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  • Published September 9, 2016
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Today we’ll talk about the one of most dangerous hijackers of recent weeks - Actually it’s not even dangerous, because hijackers can’t cause you harm and damage your data or PC in any way – it’s just really widespread. This program has infected tens of thousands of browsers on user’s computers all over the world, and it is known for its main feature: can drive anyone crazy in few minutes, by showing ads, redirecting and creating pop-ups and banners in the most uncomfortable places. If you want to get rid of this annoying advertisement and regain control over your browser – you should immediately remove, and we will help you to do this.

What is is an ordinary hijacker, and acts like them. It can be picked up on the viral website, downloaded via torrents or in bundles with some other free software. When you download the virus, it will change the settings of your browser, change the homepage and the default search engine. Since then you will see on each new tab, because that website will become your homepage. You can’t get access to Google, can’t use any other search engine, and you are completely stuck on that useless website. But that’s not all of its features! The main feature of any browser hijacker is the redirections. Hijackers were created to redirect users to untrusted websites that can’t be promoted in other way, except the illegal. They haven’t passed the tests of all search engines, they distribute the viral content, and they’re owners aren’t reliable. So, Google just won’t put this sites on top of search results, they are somewhere on the 10+ page of results, and will never get out of there. But with hijackers, these websites can achieve much more: users just don’t have a choice, hijacker redirects them to these trash websites, and they view it. The most credible users may even try to buy something on such website, but we hope that you didn’t, because you won’t get anything from such deal. The best scenario is that you’ll get the low-quality goods, and the worst – you just get nothing, you try to abort the deal and get your money back, wait for 2-3 months and still nothing. Such websites exist not more than a year, so when tricked users will become really angry and will try to sue the website owners – the website will just disappear without a trace. That’s how it works, and that’s what is happening to you when you download a hijacker or another form of advertising software. We hope that it’s clear for you now that must be immediately removed from your computer.

How to remove

Hijackers are not very complex programs, so it will be easy to remove This program might be removed in two simple ways: manually, or via anti-viral software. The manual way consists of removal of the virus, cleaning of registry and resetting the browser settings. It may seem difficult for a novice user, but we have the detailed step-by-step instructions on the removal of from all browsers and all operating systems. But we talk about the removal of a single virus. If lived on your PC for a week or more – it will be clogged with all types of viruses and it will be very difficult to remove them all. The automatic removal can be performed with help of any anti-virus, anti-malware or even with help of the simple removal tool. There are many options, and you can choose any of them, but we advise you to use Spyhunter anti-malware for this task. Spyhunter is lightweight and very fast program that will remove from your system in few minutes. The main advantages of an automatic method over the manual are: the absence of errors, the speed of removing and the easy process. Anti-virus doesn’t care how many viruses you have in your system, it will just uninstall them, and make your system protected.

Now you know what is, how it works and how it can be removed from browsers and computers.

Hi, my name is John Stephens and I'm proud to present you this article about hijacker. If you need more detailed instructions, pictures and video-guides about removal, or you want to download the decent anti-viral tool – you can find it all in the extended article about how to remove

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