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  • Published October 14, 2016
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In this article we will tell you about a program called, about its methods of action, the objectives pursued by its creators, and how these objectives are achieved. If your computer has been infected by, and you want to remove this program - at the end of the article you will find a link to the detailed step by step removal instructions as well as a decent antivirus that will help you solve this problem.

What is is a hijacker. It is a common name of a group of programs that are using browsers to distribute ads. In fact, these programs take control of the user's browser, and then force him to view only those websites that offers the program. can’t be called malware, because all its functions are promotional in their nature, and focused only on the earnings of its owners. However, though does not try to harm the user, it also is not going to defend it. This means that the promotion services provided by hijackers may be used by any web site, even by the one that distributes counterfeit goods, or viruses. If you click on links offered by, the probability of infection by viruses is very high. At the final stage of the infection is very difficult to turn on the computer, all programs run very slowly, and the browser is still full of advertising.

All this is done for a purpose and that purpose is money. Such programs have appeared when a new method of payment for advertisements on the Internet was invented, which is called pay-per-click. As the name implies, its essence is that the advertiser does not pay just for the time that his ad is placed somewhere, but only for clicks that lead a user to the correct site, or for displaying an advertisement on the user's computer screen. The creators of the hijackers used this system and getting the advertising contract they simply insert a new banner in list, and try to show the banner to the user against his will. For the creators the user is only a pawn, which can be sent anywhere, causing it to comply with the instructions.

How acts

Above, we have described what is trying to do. To display as much ads as it can, hijacker modifies some browser settings that are responsible for display advertising , disables the anti-ad such as AdBlock, and replaces home page and search engine with the website. In some cases hijackers might change the properties of browser shortcuts so that each click on the shortcut doesn’t initiate the run of browser, but opens the malicious website.

How to remove hijacker program is not difficult, and removal usually without complications. However, if spent some time in the system, it will be clogged by other adware or malware, which also needs to be removed. In this case, manual removal might be useless, and you have to take the help of a specialist, or to purchase an anti-virus program. We do not know what kind of situation you are in, but we have instructions on how to manually remove and to remove it by using anti-virus.

If you want to remove from your PC once and for all – you will find all needed instructions in the extended removal guide.

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