Minecraft Server Host: Discarding Misconceptions about Game Servers

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  • Author Austin Power
  • Published June 1, 2018
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Apparently, you may wonder why a lot people are scared about Minecraft server host and its properties. You don’t have to believe the misconceptions surrounding its usefulness, as a lot of rumors are in circulation to condemn its creation. Interestingly, you may be surprised at the benefits that Minecraft server host has in preparation for individuals that are willing to invest in its usefulness. One of the testimonies to its usefulness is the ability to improve cognitive alertness, especially in children, teenagers or adults. Moreover, no one is left out of the fun that Minecraft server host has in preparation for those that are ready to have them hosted on their cheap dedicated server. However, if you believe the misconceptions surrounding the importance of Minecraft server host on a cheap dedicated server, here are some facts that are on ground to refute some of these wrong claims about Minecraft server host: you rest assured of getting a lot of help on this regard.

  1. Large RAM size

You may hear many circulating stories about the importance of RAM size, if you are hosting multiple players on your Minecraft server. This misconception has been in circulation for a long time, making it difficult for many people to embrace the efficiency of hosting your games on a Minecraft server. However, you can be able to attest to the fact that RAM size is not a genuine basis for hosting Minecraft games. The important thing is having the right Plugins that can set you on course to host your server successfully, regardless of the number of players you are hosting.

  1. Expensive DDoS protection

You should consider it a rumor when you receive information regarding the cost you have to incur to host game servers. As a matter of fact, there is actually a cheap dedicated server you can bank on, allowing you roam freely on your servers without interruption. There are dedicated servers you can afford which requires you to pay fees that can provide you hosting rights for a whole year, without raising alarms over a faulty interaction amongst your visitors. Moreover, you can enjoy endless fun on your servers, without setting your sight on shared servers. After all, dedicated servers and shared server may share the same cost. Preferably, it is expected that you go for a server in which you are given the freedom to control your activities without question.

  1. Ticks Per Second (TPS) below twenty

The TPS is where all actions concerning game servers are being processed for game lovers to enjoy. Initially, the fear is that your server may not respond adequately to the commands you have issued it, especially when TPS is below twenty. So, you should have little worries about your servers, because all hosting actions may sometime be below sixteen, which may throw you into a scare that your server will be slow. Irrespective of the numbers you may be seeing concerning the TPS of your server, you rest assured that your gameplay will not be interrupted.

On a final note, these misconceptions shouldn’t serve as a yardstick for not hosting a Minecraft server host. Moreover, you must be aware that you can host your games cheaply on a dedicated server. Having this fact in mind, you are given the freedom to spell out your terms and make rules that will guide players that you have invited to your page. Unlike a shared server where the restriction is on a high note, a cheap dedicated server affords you the opportunity to coordinate your visitors, based on your mode of operation for every game on your website.

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