The Most Super Natural Power


  • Author Md. Nur Alam
  • Published March 5, 2019
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Life is the Most mysterious word for me. When I became a boy of 16 I got tensed with the word life. I often thought about life. Day by day we are growing up. Besides we are performing many duties with our age. Age tell us about life. In every age we are experiencing something different. I have earned knowledge about life age by age. Thus I have discovered the life. Every day every moment I thought about the life. This was not only my concern. Many people are trying to discover them by their lives.

We are coming in the earth and we are dying. This formula has made me astonished. Not only we, every animals are following the same formula. if you born you have to must die. This observation change my life. I learnt that we human being is a very special creation. We can do anything with our wish but other animals can not do as like as us.

Sometimes I thought life is a dream. Sometimes I thought life is just we. But still my mind became restless that why we have been created. Every creation have some meaning. Trees are giving us food, animals are flesh. But what we are giving? This thought made me curious to study about life.

After all my researches I have come to a solution that nothing is created merely. In the world every creations are following some rules. I have gone through many books. I have learnt that there is a super natural power in the world. This power is creating every thing in the world. The whole universe is created by this super natural power. This power is controlling us. This power has fitted every system for us. So we can use the system. If we look up in the sky, we will realize by seeing millions of stars. How these has been created? I am totally surprised! Definitely there are a super natural power which are in every situation of us.

If we see we have many religions. They believe as them. But I think all religious believe should be based on research. If we can make research for every scientific reasons. We can make research for atoms, molecule of a physics. Why we can not make research for the super natural power. I think this power is only vested to one entity. If there are many entities there will be disordered in universe. The universe will be destroyed in one second if there are many entities who have the only super natural power.

I think there is only one creator who have created everything in this universe. We can not see this super natural power. Only we can realize.

My last saying is that the most super natural power are vested to our Creator. Our creator has created everything for us and leading every moment of us. We will realize this truth only after our death. I think this power will be cleared to us after our death.

We will see The most super natural power's source in our next life. I think those persons know the full meaning of the world after their death. So we should wait for this moment. Every creations are waiting for the moment.

Md. Nur Alam, Management team member at Spriha Blood Donation Society, Halishahar, Chittagong, Bangladesh,


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