Earth Lodge: A New Take on Family Relations


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  • Published August 11, 2019
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‘Earth Lodge’: What is it?

Offered in two diverse locations, Germany and Italy, ‘Earth Lodge’ is a transformational week that offers self discovery and development to people of all ages. It is a spiritual oasis for each individual to have rejuvenation, connection with nature and exciting adventures. Everyone lives outdoors for a week in these breathtaking natural environments and people can choose to sleep in tents or out under the stars. There are activities, ceremonies and groups for everyone: families, children, adults, couples and individuals.

Of note, the "Earth Lodge’ location in Italy has a new home In Maremma, one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany. It is a charming farm near the surrounding countryside of Monte Antico.

Many people who attend this program are seeking to deepen their spiritual connection. They desire to bring greater presence, awareness and knowledge into their lives. ‘Earth Lodge’ creates a sacred container in which people discover how to live daily life like a ceremony. Living in this way encourages participants to bring more purpose, passion and gratitude to each moment.

Ceremonies play a major role in ‘Earth Lodge’ and how we as humans process and evolve. They teach us how to tune in and naturally align with the Cycles of Life. There are precise moments in which we experience transformation in our bodies and in our awareness. These moments are also referred to as ‘Rites of Passage’. To acknowledge and to accept these moments allows participants to live life with creativity and in deep connection with self, life and others.

For the youngest, this week-long program revolves around adventure, play, creative activities and shamanic teachings relevant to their age. As they get older, these children explore what it truly means to connect and be together. The teenagers celebrate their entrance into adulthood through their Rites of Passage and learn how to build significant relationships with each other. For the young adults it’s a pivotal time: they confront themselves with choices about lifestyle and the actualization of their destiny. Grown-ups at ‘Earth Lodge’ have fun and share experiences through valuable teachings and ceremonies.

Earth Lodge: Why is it Important?

During this program, participants plant seeds of beauty that truly are treasures. They bring home these seeds and see sprouting in their family and among their friends and peers at school or at work. The idea is to create a community that allows each person to dive into the beauty of their process of maturation. This is a place where hope is nourished. Together, participants experience a community model that fosters growth and evolution on both personal and collective scales.

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