How Psychic Mediums Apply Clairvoyance


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  • Published September 8, 2019
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How Psychic Mediums Apply Clairvoyance to Connect with the Other Side

Have you recently lost someone close to you? Maybe someone you love passed away many years ago but the pain and loss is still very real to you and you are looking into making a connection with them on the other side.

Many times making such a connection with a person you have lost can be a great way to deal with our grief and find that closure that leads to inner peace. Once contact has made you will be able to say the things you’d like to say and let knowing that your loved one is well and safe.

The psychic method that is applied to making this connection across the bounds of life and depth comes from their capacity to develop "clair", also known as a 6th sense. This term comes from the Latin word that means clear and is the most natural way for connecting with things on the other side.

A psychic may choose to apply more than one of their "clair" capacities, which could be akin to tuning on the radio stations. This is how as Rebecca Rosen described the process when she was writing for and it rings true for all psychic mediums.

This will allow a master psychic, like myself, to receive psychic medium energy through the sight, sounds and feelings. These can then be refined into a channel of communication from which peace and closure can be found.

Clair Sentience (Clear Feeling)

In this method, the medium will begin by opening their awareness so that they can perceive feelings passing between you and the spirit realm. The first step will allow a connection to be made between the person on the other side and the person on this side. This connection will allow a message to be transmitted the psychic will know the connection has been made when the vital energies begin to shift.

Clair Voyance (Clear Seeing)

Once a connection has been established, the psychic medium will be able to use their capacity of clair voyance to see who it is that you are trying to contact in the great beyond. It will be their connection to you, the person on this earth, which will allow them to properly identify them and experience them as if they were in the room here with you. This will help the search to become more precise and will allow the message that they wish to transmit to be fully understood.

Clair Audience (Clear Hearing)

Finally, the psychic will receive a word or maybe a phrase that will be from the person on the other side and will be able to communicate this message to you. This is a method called "clear hearing" and it can sometimes be experienced as a soft inner whisper or even a loud audible voice. Because, the psychic has the capacity to interpret the meaning of what is being transmitted they will better help you understand and connect with the message.

If you are looking to make such a connection with someone you have lost, then the assistance of a psychic medium may be the very thing for you. Contact us, I will be able to discuss with you the values of making this connection and what you can expect. Learn more about communicating with your loved ones beyond and finding the peace by calling the number you see here and scheduling your own appointment.

Violet ora is a psychic expert. her aim to enlighten and teach as many as she can about the world pf psychics

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