Tips on how to maintain your love life while social distancing

Social Issues ā†’ Dating

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  • Published May 21, 2020
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It is fair to assume that dating during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is not at the top of any one's list of priorities. In an attempt to stop the spread of the virus, Americans are going into self-isolation and hunkering down for an indefinite period of time. But those of us who live alone and are single face the bleak prospect of weeks if not months without in-person contact. And a long-standing lack of physical or emotional contact may feel pretty desperate when it comes to preserving our mental health.In the midst of the pandemic, learn how to keep dating in a fun, safe and responsible manner.

Choose a select few individuals to spend your time.

Often people click right on so many profiles of online dating that they end up never going on any dates at all ā€” a simple example of the perils of the paradox of preference. But this brand-new socially distant world could serve as a good motivator to pick just a few people into whom you want to invest your time and energy and keep the conversation going afterwards. This is a situation in which sitting down and having a prolonged conversation with someone every few days could prove beneficial instead of only answering messages in one block of times.

Set up the dates online.

And if you're on dating apps, you might have noticed that more and more matches suggest "virtual dates," where you're essentially FaceTime or Zooming with each other, and sitting in the candlelight of your living room while drinking wine.This might not be borne out of necessity as much as a cementing of an already existing trend in dating. After all, these days people are too overworked and exhausted to commit themselves to meeting someone in person, particularly if it involves a commute. It is fast, with virtual dating. You simply pick a time and press a button, and you're on a date.

And make an effort to clothe and sweep your bed.

Just because you don't meet someone in person that doesn't mean you're not going to set the mood. Putting the best foot forward by dressing up a little bit as well as setting some mood lighting and selecting a good camera angle.Digital dating also provides a useful opportunity to see how you see yourself on a date, from the way you wear your hair to the language of your body. Yeah, if nothing else, then showering is an excuse!

See the long-distance courting romance.

Doctors do not suggest that you be sexually involved with someone right now even though he is a friend with whom you reside. But this needn't always be a negative thing. For now, you can digitally send each other love letters or arrange FaceTime calls in the park in addition to the video dinner dates. Any time you have excitement and desire, when you see each other directly, it will always be so much easier.

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