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  • Published August 16, 2020
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Question is part of human life. And from those questions some of them stand tall. The question of origin is one of the greatest questions in human life. This question have been a challenging experience in many lives. Dependence is one of human character. We cannot have it all at once or even throughout our life span. We are only capable of doing, knowing or experiencing particular things but not all. There is nobody who can say I have got it all. Because of this to fill the blank spots we have, human live in social pattern to survive the storm of life. We share the strengths of others to work out the puzzle of life.

Questions about the origin of life or everything have been a difficult one to answer in a clear manner in any corner of assumptions. We got to admit that it is a difficult task to uncover. But it is doable. If we knew the question, then the other side of the story must exist. Other ways the question will never be raised or we would never know about such question.

Earth is filled with many professionals in different fields of study. Doctors, engineers, philosophers, teachers, chemists, bishops, physicist, theorists… These professionals in one way or another help us in our needs based on their expertise. The question about the origin of everything is a lot rough though. Because this experts have not provided any information that all of us can take. This has created a big frustration and even divisions in man. But we are still asking questions and we are still looking for answers. The only option we have is to get it over with. So let’s start the journey with me.

In my point of view in order to know the origin of everything, we first have to know what exists. We first have to identify the existing before talking about their origin. Then we can talk about origin.

I hope we all agree that the universe constitutes three entities. The first one is time and then space and at last matter. The matter includes everything that we consider as everything other than space and time. This refers to atoms, particles, micro organisms, molecules, livings and the non livings, stars, galaxies planets and the things that exist because of the existence of these things like waves and light or even darkness. These are the things that exist in the universe we live in.

There may be some confusion in the above about time and space. To explain why they are considered something, first we have to talk about existence. As a human we have special ways to define the existence of things. These ways are mostly based of the five senses we have. If something is visible, we cannot argue about its existence. The same case is valid for the rest of senses. This on the other hand implies that the way we define the existence of things is based on the effect they show us.

If we take time for instance we can clearly see the effect it had on us in all of our moves. We can do nothing without it. Each of our actions are coded into it. To move we need time. To see we need time. To sleep we need time. To eat we need time etc… time is big part of human experience yet most of us do not know that. Time is not just something we tie on our hand or something we put on our night stand. It gives life chemistry. We can only have meaning or purposeful life in the function of time. Time uphold our chemistry in nature. This is more than we need to acknowledge the existence of time.

Space is a battle ground, the battle arena, the football field, the theater stage where all the drama of life are filmed. Everything needs space. Everything comes with a location. Existence gives a full meaning when it is tied with location. Whether the entity is visible or not, everything has a location. This indicates and shows the undisputed influence of space of the whole universe.

The universe we live in is a product of three things. Space, time and matter. The unique bond between these entities creates a gigantic system that we live in. The most beautiful and carefully detailed place we call home is formed by the perfect integration of the three teams of the universe.

The quest we began to uncover about the origin of the universe continues…

I am Bruk and i am interested in topics such as the reason behind the existence of the universe and philosophical aspects regarding this issue. I have questions. Because of this I am motivated to dig dipper to get the answer about such issues. This article is one of the product of looking deeper into the question i have regarding the origin of the universe and everything in it. I hope you all enjoyed it.

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Reader · 3 years ago
Good question; bad explanation. The effort is the most important thing. Grammar needs some work and the writing doesn't have a good flow to it. It will help a lot if you payed attention to the words you are using. Over all its a 4/10 for me. Keep at it though; I can tell you didn't put much time into writing this. Regardless the time will come where your writing will be second to non if you work hard enough. I wish you all the best!

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