Attaining success through Positive abnormality

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  • Published November 6, 2021
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There are two types of abnormalities, We have positive and negative.

Positive abnormalities: not conforming to rule or system; deviating from type) aberrant, anomalous, atypical, exceptional, extraordinary, irregular, preternatural, strange, unusual.

When you dive into the mood of positive abnormalities you are full of surprises.

An abnormal person are been considered to be useless, hopeless to their Society.

The world does not accept them because they do not conform to the norms of this world

Note, the laws of life itself is different from the laws of this earth.

Life through your thought brings or challenges you through thought of ideas that are not achievable or realistic sometimes but it only takes an abnormal positive person and goal-getter, persistent, dog-headed, determined person to achieve and bring to reality or pass what life has in store for us. Using the heart-touching story Of Elon Musk as a case study. One who was raised by books, books, and then his parents.

While the earth or the world works with the law of the past e.g "this is how we use to do it, it can not be changed, We can not kill ourselves" I.e following the stethoscope, thereby making u remain the same way u are, forgetting that life itself rules the world and life involves taking a risk. Everything we do can be tiring, Stand for a long time, u feel uncomfortable, sit down you still feel uncomfortable, then lay down, still the same thing right, I.e, Life will never please s you so be ready. But Only if you adapt yourself to the game of life you will win but b ready to take the risk to get rewarded. Now brushing through the story of Elon Musk, he was a bookworm right of his childhood. He was probably born different than normal people, Elon was so much interested in books and science, That he spent all his childhood reading and reading. By his own account, Musk a self-described bookworm and something of a smart aleck—he read voraciously, everything from encyclopedias to comic books. But Musk’s intellectual aptitude did him few favors as a child. He found few friends in the tough-minded Afrikaner culture he encountered in school.

He was called an idiot

When a kid, Elon was considered an idiot,

"My father would always call me an idiot."

Elon Musk says that his father never respected him. He didn’t believe that I could do something of my life and that I was a total failure.

He really had a miserable life, His father would beat him whenever he got angry, The gangsters at his school beat him so many times.

"You get chased by school gangs, Who tried to beat the hell out of me."

One day he was even thrown off the stairs, His condition was so bad that he had to go to the hospital. Such was his life when he was growing.

He didn’t believe that I could do something of my life and that I was a total failure.

One day he was even thrown off the stairs, His condition was so bad that he had to go to the hospital. Such was his life when he was growing.

His First Computer Program

When Elon was just 12, he created a computer game called “Blaster” that he sold for $500.

When Elon Musk sold this game, he realized the power of computer programing. His passion was built in this field and wanted to do major in it.

When he was in Standford and doing his major in computer science, The internet was introduced.

It was the boom of dotcom, That he didn’t want to miss. And that is why he dropped out of his college.


The creation of Paypal is the actual reason for his success.

When he created PayPal with the Name of, He was able to sell this company for $1.2bn. While all the money didn’t go into his pocket but still a handsome amount went right into his pocket. ( $165 Million)

Elon musk continued his way to success, Now he owns SpaceX and Tesla which are world-renowned companies.

Elon musk is now the world’s 3rd richest man with a total net worth of 157 billion dollars. There are so many wonderful stories of this kind.

Be aware, that there is this spirit of rewards that comes after every determined and resilient efforts, and those who opt-out or do not align themselves because of frustration or unravel misery of life itself, will remain in the world zone( abiding by the norms), or end up in the negative abnormalities

Negative abnormalities: different from what is normal or average: unusual especially in a way that causes problems of mental health.


Positive abnormal people don't care abt what the world will say but success and realization of their goals.

While the world thinks about obeying the norms that put them in a circle of no escape or advancement and pleased to prison the wonderful and miraculous ideas that life has given.


Negative abnormal people are just tired of life after trying to be in the rank of the above , so they are ready to cause mayhem by bypassing both laws.

Never be ok with where you are because the world is pleased with it. The world may see you as an abnormal person because you do not reason the way they do, never mind, you can only fail or succeed if you accept.

Note the essence of living is greatness, so be the savior of your world.

I am paul chuks Aka pcotgmaney a content creator and artists, a graphic designer and social media manager. I create inspirational content for the purpose of inspiring people and eliminating negativity mindset.

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