9 tips to attract whatever you want with Feng Shui

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  • Published June 17, 2021
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Some of the best things about Feng Shui is it helps to transform your life in a fast way. Some of the reasons are what you want and how your actions are aligned. If you’re wanting a change but are just too lazy, your actions do not prove that you sincerely want it. But if you’re seeking for a change and prove it by making actions towards it, then you will definitely see changes in your life quickly. Here are some tips that you can follow to attract whatever you want :

  1. Turn on your porch light for 3 hours each day for nine consecutive days

In Feng Shui, the door symbolizes the place where endless opportunities enter your home. By turning on the light for 3 hours, shows the Universe that you are prepared to welcome in the change that you are looking for.

  1. Throw away the 21 things

Whenever you declutter your home, you are creating a sense to the Universe that you are prepared to fill with something new. Hence, this is why decluttering is very important in Feng Shui- you are helping the positive energy to move in your home more freely.

  1. Lighting a candle everyday for 9 consecutive days

9 is considered the lucky number in Feng Shui. So go on and set an alarm to remind yourself to light a candle each day for the next 9 consecutive days.

  1. Change and replace the spoilt light bulbs in your home

Light represents fire in Feng Shui. Try changing the bulbs to a higher wattage in the areas where you will want to see positive changes. If you are keen on welcoming a new partner, then proceed by changing the bulbs in your bedroom or in a relationship area. Then continue to turn them on for 3 hours each day.

  1. Clean your stove area and keep it shiny after done cooking

Taking good care of your home is showing a sign to the Universe that you are taking care of the abundance and appreciating it in your life. Since the stove is a strong sign of abundance, be sure to take good care of it by cleaning it.

  1. Use all the burners in your stove area

Some of us tend to use only one burner in the stove- but now be sure to turn them all for a few seconds in order to get the energy going. The stove symbolizes wealth and prosperity, so turning on your burners is a sign that you are prepared for a change.

7.Put a bowl of sea salt in the corners of your home or doorways

The bowl does not have to be a big one, just a small one will be perfect. The salt works as a tool to attract negative energy. Try putting the salt in every room in the house to increase the vibration in your house. Remember to leave it out for only 24 hours and then throw it away- don’t keep it there forever. You are giving a signal to the Universe that the old energy has gone and now the room is filled with new energy! If you don’t have sea salt, you can also use sage instead.

  1. Move away the 27 things

27 is also a lucky number in Feng Shui, and intentionally when you move 27 things in your house, this will create a positive energy in your house. Move the 27 things with the intention of creating a positive change.

  1. Sweep and clean your front porch

The front door is where new opportunities are attracted in your life, pretend that you are welcoming new people in your house and clean your porch. Sweep and clean your porch with the intention of welcoming change.

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