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  • Published October 2, 2020
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There are several religions in the world. Within each religion, there is conflicting doctrine. However, in all religions, there is the same esoteric truth found. That esoteric truth is Natural law. Natural law is a set of unchanging principles that govern humans behavior.

Natural law is the law that God put in effect to govern human behavior. Natural law allows man to conduct all activities unless it is a form of theft. Theft would include murder, rape, theft, coercion, willful lying, and assault. In every form of theft, their property is being stolen. When someone is murdered, their life is stolen. A person who is raped has had freedom of sexual association taken away. In the case of willful lying, the information a person needs is stolen. Lastly, when a person is assaulted, their physical body's health is taken away.

To govern these laws, there are consequences to the infractions. Unlike previous theories, where only the person who infringes on society gets punished. In natural law, the consequences of breaking natural law affect all humans. In turn, the conditions the whole world experiences are based on how well humans followed natural law. Societies that embrace and follow natural law experience less suffering and more freedom. Meanwhile, societies that reject Natural law experience less freedom and more suffering.

Aside from having built-in consequences, natural law also allows humans to protect themselves from their rights being inflicted on. This is called the principal of self-defense. When a human acts in self-defense, they can take whatever means necessary to prevent other people from taking their rights away. An example of this principle is that people can push robbers off them.

This simple concept is an underlying principle in every tradition. Human beings should understand the importance of Natural law and restructure these principles into their societies. If society reconstructs itself into a natural law-based society, we could achieve maximum prosperity and happiness for all.

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