What Are Cardiovascular Endurance Sports? 5 Examples Provided

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  • Published November 28, 2020
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Cardiovascular endurance sports or rather aerobic exercise is basically a physical form of exercise which puts your heart, blood vessels, and lungs to work. This is typically done with aerobic activities such as swimming cycling or running. But what are the most popular types of endurance sports? And I guess, some of the craziest? Read on to find out more.

By definition, you're considered entering an aerobic energy-generating process after being active in a given sport for a period of time, or more than 90 seconds. So here are some sports which have become the most popular forms of this type of exercise:

  1. Hiking

Hiking is a form of walking, which is considered an aerobic exercise when done for prolonged periods of time. Not only that, but hiking will test your elevational skills as well as it will be you going uphill quite a lot. Remember that time when you went on a family trip to the mountains and a short climb up a steep heel will send your heart racing? Yeah, it's pretty intense.

  1. Running

Of course, running is on this list. Running is one of those sports that anyone can do, all you need is a pair of good running shoes, a running hat to protect you from the sun. But with running in particular, you can increase your intensity levels as you wish and you can enter an aerobic training zone quite efficiently. Running on an incline will test your endurance skills even more. Just give it a go and see if you can get past 50 meters without puffing out.

  1. Cycling

Definitely, one that's on the list, cycling at fast speeds will definitely send your heart and lungs into action to deliver oxygen. Cycling is sometimes a better choice than running or hiking because it has less impact on your knees and joints, whilst still giving you a great workout.

  1. Swimming

Of course, that swimming, cycling, and running are all on the list. With swimming, you don't need much other than goggles to see underwater and it has even less impact on your body than cycling, as cycling tends to hurt your lower back with time. With swimming, you basically have gravity on your side, whilst getting a highly efficient cardiovascular endurance workout.

  1. Here's a fun one: Golf

Initially, you would think, really? Golf? But golfing requires a lot of moving around and activity. of course if you use a buggy (golf cars) you'd be selling yourself short on improving your fitness. Playing golf by walking around throughout the field the entire day works your cardiovascular endurance highly. Typically because most golf courses have hills that will further test your endurance levels.


As you can see, cardiovascular endurance sports are quite common and there are many ways to do it. Heck, you can even switch it up and run up and down the stairs of your family home to test your endurance. But be careful not to injure yourself. After a few months, you will notice your heart, lungs work more efficiently and intake more oxygen which will further enhance your sporting performance.

I'm Marko Rakic, a trail runner from Australia. I also run a health and fitness blog that you can find by clicking here. My goal is to inspire as many people as possible about the mental health benefits of sports like running and generally wish to push as many people as possible to try an active, healthy lifestyle in order to improve their moods.

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