Shirdi Sai Baba - An extraordinary Healer


  • Author Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi
  • Published August 4, 2021
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Sai Baba of Shiridi, is vastly revered and worshipped world-wide admirably is a perfect, grand spiritual master of the entire Universe. He is the embodiment of the Supreme reality bearing exact characteristics of being omnipresent, omniscient, indefinable and omnipotent.

Sai baba, a great mystic, who is devoid of egoic-consciousness and duality is also known as Siddha Maha Guru. Siddhaguru conveys, all these above mentioned attributes of Sai Baba are not merely compliments but rather, He proved them with distinctive miracles.

Generally, the significance of God, Mother, Father, the Righteousness and the Vedas is known to everyone. But, quite seldom, the magnificence of an Enlightened Master is acknowledged.

The underlying reason is, being unaware of the fact that a Master is always committed towards His disciples, by accepting and experiencing their destined grief.

One might question that, how a divine master who's beyond everything, can undergo pain and possess responsibility.

As an answer to this, I mention that there are two types of relationships between a Guru and a Disciple. First one is the traditional standardized Guru-Disciple relation where, the Guru teaches certain spiritual practices, clarifies doubts, gives a mantra to recite etc., upon the service rendered by a disciple. These kind of Gurus in spite of being knowledgeable, will have no connection with the hardship, loss, desires, ill-health or the demise of the disciples, as they have no such power to induce any effect.

On the contrary, second type is the guru-disciple relationship, where, in addition to revealing the real philosophy and preaching spiritual practices, guru puts the hardships, loss, grief of His disciple on himself, substantially and endures severe oppressions for their sake.

Shiridi Sai Baba is such eminent master who has suffered a lot during His lifetime, just to safeguard His countless devotees and disciples. Here are a few incidences, where upon witnessing them, one would understand, how disciples of Sai Baba got fulfilled with their desires, gained liberation from their grief and in what way, He interfered in their deaths and even stood in the way of their predestined visit to hell.

The three instances :

First instance is the experience of a devotee named Gajanan Narvekar. In 1917, Narvekar approached Sai Baba to reduce his fever and chills, upon the suggestion of a friend. In order to effectuate the request, when Sai Baba asked for a donation of ₹ 500/-, Narvekar got subjected to disbelief and left the premises, thinking he could treat his disease in a hospital for much lesser price. But, his condition worsened further and no treatment could save him from reaching the death bed.

Devastated, Narvekar ordered his son to present the pre mentioned amount to Sai Baba, regretting his prior suspicion. A wondrous miracle was observed soon after receiving the money, Sai Baba experienced the same chills and fever, relieving Narvekar from the fatal disease.

Offering money to a divine master is actually presenting one's bad virtue and misfortune. It is a known fact that the Gods ask for virtue before bestowing their grace onto a devotee. But, a divine master showers His celestial grace despite of the absence of virtue in a disciple, if they exhibit divine love.

Second exemplary is the experience of a Mother and daughter wherein Sai Baba commanded even death. Once, there was a severe pandemic of cholera which led in many deaths. To the dismay of the above mentioned duo, the daughter got affected by cholera disease. So in fear, they resorted to Sai Baba in her rescue.

Consequently, obeying the order of Sai Baba, both of them advanced to "Saate Vaada", and rested on a mat until they were summoned. Both of them sincerely surrendered to the words of Shri Sai, resulting in her protection from death due to the disease. Soon after, when they were called to visit Sai Baba, Cholera deity too accompanied them with an intention to take the girl's life.

On serious reprimand by Sai Baba, the Goddess left the site in fright. In the year 1911, there was a similar case in the life of Nandu Marvadi in which, Sai Baba protected him from the cholera disease merely by His Will.

In both the above cases, an unwavering faith, abiding to the Guru's orders and complete submission to Guru, works wonders, as these help in altering one's ordained misery, in this case, the Death itself.

The Will of Sai Baba is invariably effective and absolutely never-failing. That's why, the prime intention behind the pronouncement of all the Shastras to offer services to the master, worship Him unconditionally, sacrifice everything for Him and loving Him constantly is because, in every stage of life, a disciple will be blessed with the cooperation and grace of the Guru.

Anyone who commits a sinful act must compensate in the hell, is a familiar fact. Fascinatingly, this is not the case for those who live exceptionally for Guru and exhibit explicit love on Him.

  1. The third instance is the experience of Purandhare, where the same is manifested, exclusively. After 14 years of the Mahasamadhi(choice to consciously exit from a current lifetime) of Sai Baba, in 1932, Purandhare preceding his demise was blessed with an amazingly astonishing experience. Two days prior to his expiry, Purandhare had a vision in which he saw two Yamadutas( messengers of lord of Hell), who have come to take his life. At the same instant, Sai Baba appeared near his bed and ordered the messengers to leave at once, saving Purandhare from the dreadful episode of Hell.

This elucidates that an Enlightened Master will not only decide their future births but also would save them from the horrific ordeal of hell by bestowing them the life of ease.


In a person's lifetime, there will be many hardships, sufferings, troubles, accidents and disasters but the divine master is always on a look out to safeguard only those disciples, who truly are committed in His service with unaltered divine love. Some of other experiences of devotees portray Sai Baba as their savior from disasters, misfortune, poverty, infertility, visual impairment, dreadful diseases, consequence of a sinful acts and many more. Sai Baba who is such prominent Avadhuta, yet is always extra keen to secure every disciple from harm illustrates His eternal love, responsibility and compassion which is quite remarkable and inexpressible.

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