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  • Author Siddhaguru Ramanananda Maharshi
  • Published August 5, 2021
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Love is a power of attraction that unites, binds everyone in this world. Love is inevitable in everyone’s living. While it exhibits dual form in this world, so is single when united with Divine. This is divine love. The source of worldly love is divine love. To a traveller on the road of divine love, needs himself to be humble as ashes.

“I’m always starved of love, whosoever loves me more than himself will get all he wanted from me. I will become his slave and serve him to the fullest.” -Shirdi Sai Baba.

Divine love speaks everything intensely :

Divine love speaks everything about divinity with an intense feeling and expression from inside. A divine lover always talks about, talks about, and talks about the qualities of divine. His mind won’t accept the amount of praising he does for it and never tires of it. He goes crazy about and always quest for giving more and more and more to it. His attitude resembles the behaviour of Gopikas towards Lord Krishna. This is like a boy and girl when fallen in love with each other exchange talks deeply, day and night long.

Divine love is submitting one’s self :

A Divine lover always appreciates the beauty of the divine with no possessiveness massaged to it. He offers himself with completeness, wishing for nothing in return. He develops humbleness and serves this world as the manifestation of Divine. That Divine trusts him, sooner he becomes its servant and gives him total authority and responsibility to carry on its job of doing good to the world. This is a fact.

Those prophets who arrived on this earth speak with this authority because of their deep love for it. They are the servants of that divine. They became prophets because the other day they submitted themselves to it.

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”-Rumi.

Deep absorption with the Divine :

That divine being form-less is all-pervading, expressing its presence in all the creatures that exist in this creation. A divine lover, being aware of this cognizance, sees its omnipresence as it is in this creation. His mind always revolves around it until he is deeply absorbed in it. This is referred as “Brahma Kara Vritti- seeing the loved in every form of creation." Also, this submission results in deep remembrance and takes him to the state of divine self.

“The Prophets accept all agony and trust it. For the water has never feared the fire.”- Rumi.

My experience :

The love exhibited on my Guru Shirdi Sai Baba glorified my heart and illuminated my soul. He has shown me the greatest lover of the universe and my heart started loving Him as soon as I realized Him. I understood that divine love is the language of the Divine and all else is poor communications. I experienced that ‘divine and Love’ are identical. A person with divine love can take it for granted that he has received and realized the Divine.

Conclusion :

Divine love develops reverence for the Divine. As a result, you honour, respect everyone. You never feel alone. As you offered your life to it, your sorrows disappear. Your intense longing relation becomes bliss. You become immersed in that bliss. You feel that divine pervading in all is inside you. Nothing I say can explain to you. Yet all this creation cannot stop talking about, “Divine Love ever achieves Divine.”

I am Siddhaguru Ramanananda Maharshi, a servant to that Divine wrote this article from the happenings of my life.


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Chandiprasad · 2 years ago
Divine love word itself giving me goose bumps

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