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  • Published November 2, 2021
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Absolute Surrender to a Guru plays a major role in succession of a disciple spiritually. Implementing the words of a Guru with all heart by abandoning one’s own mind and thought process is called Absolute Surrender. Sun’s rays fall upon everyone uniformly, similar is the case with the grace of the Guru. But not everyone utilizes it to prosper spiritually due to the lack of absolute Surrender. Most of the disciples never attain the Guru’s grace as they limit themselves to performing Puja, recitations, offering services or donations devoid of complete submission.

“Submit yourself to me, all else is assured” - Shirdi Saibaba

Absolute surrender is a mighty prayer you offer to a Guru. Arresting yourself to a Guru has a grace in itself because it can never be possessed until one withdraws their intellect or mind set. Sticking to individual opinions causes a major hindrance, which in turn leads to disobedience of Guru’s instructions. Offering one’s self to a Guru is literally the submission of one’s ego.

Absolute Surrender is mainly of 2 types:

1.Surrendering under the influence of passion.

2.Surrendering under the influence of pure knowledge.

“Surrender can never be regarded as complete so long as the devotee desires for duality from the Lord.” - Ramana Maharshi

Surrendering to someone with passion can be explained beautifully with an example. In the professional relationship of a boss and an employee, the nature and characteristics of complete submission is precisely explained. In an organization the boss orders a task to his employees and expects them to follow the instructions and procedure given by him. Employees obey those orders and finish their job as instructed without using their own intellect or thought process and, by keeping their opinions to themselves. Every employee acts according to the mind, thoughts or opinions of their boss. An employee faithfully obeys his boss’s orders without any complaint. He neither thinks of the gains or the losses, nor succumbs to the pleasures and sorrows. He never gives free advice, criticize, blame or dismiss his boss. Likewise, if a disciple behaves or enacts according to the will, mind, thoughts or opinions of the Guru, then that is called Absolute Surrender.

“The lord will transform every area of your life that you surrender over to him.” - The holy Bible

There’s an amazing occurrence in the Holy book of Bible explaining the nature of complete submission. Abraham at the age of 99 was blessed with a baby boy. He lovingly named him Isaac, raised him with much affection and love. One fine day as a test to Abraham’s faith, God asked to sacrifice his only offspring to a holy fire. As commanded by God, Abraham did what was told to him and started the preparation for the holy fire near a mountain. God was pleased by Abraham’s faith, love and devotion as he was ready to give away his only son. So, God summoned an angel to Abraham just before the sacrifice and blessed him with prosperity and spiritual development. The above episode illustrates how a genuine disciple with absolute surrender upon examination is bestowed with unlimited blessings and eternal glory by God or Guru. Abraham stands as an exemplar for a true disciple because this incident truly aspires to practice absolute Surrender.

Let me disclose the most surprising secret here. In the world, except in Guru- disciple relationship, every other relation has an automatic submissive nature to it, due to infatuation or affection. The affection makes it easier for any relationship to achieve complete submission. This isn’t the case in a Guru-Disciple relation as there’s no infatuation. For instance, in relations like an SI and his subordinates, a boss and his employees, a man and his wife, infatuation or affection plays a key role in making people to surrender by either fear or strict commandment. The above-mentioned case doesn’t exist in Guru disciple relation. A Guru’s responsibility is to simply instruct. To follow or not is entirely upon a disciple. The absence of fear or command acts as the main reason for a disciple to fail in acquiring complete submission towards the Guru.

Absolute surrender towards a Guru leads to obeying His orders, resulting in procuring His blessings to obtain spiritual success. When a disciple doesn’t revere the words of Guru, as they aren’t in equilibrium with their own opinions or mindset, then they will forever be in delusion and suffering.

If one wishes for the spiritual progression in life, they must waive their ego and intellect with strong determination. Guru Nanak too proclaims that when a disciple’s heart is filled with divine love on Guru and willingly implements His commands, they will never encounter any hurdle in life. The easiest way to accomplish purity and salvation is by submitting the soul and body to your Guru.

"Man has nothing else to do but surrender-in deep trust, in deep love. Don’t be a doer, just surrender. Let there be a let-go."

  • Osho Rajneesh

Though lakhs of devotees have the divine darshan of an Enlightened master and offer their services, the absence of complete submission stands as the grounds for losing His grace and divine love. Denial of Guru’s instructions by disciples or owning the thought process which is against the Guru or doubting, debating and prosecuting His words are root causes for a disciple to fall off as an unripe fruit i.e., with no spiritual accomplishments. Due to the dearth of absolute Surrender, many misunderstand, abuse and even try to harm the Guru exhibiting stupidity. Such unfortunate beings will unquestionably experience horrific hell and utmost grief.

A simple yet an amazing representative of complete submission is seen in the preparation of an idol from a stone. A stone submits itself to the sculptor in an effort to turn into an idol which receives worship. Such submission is required by disciples towards their Guru. When this befalls, a disciple too will be revered as an idol in a temple. Always try to behave as the stone (disciple) under the refuge of a sculptor (Guru), furthermore relinquishing your mind and its thoughts.

“Self-surrender is the highest and easiest method for enlightenment. One who has surrendered himself (to guru or God) is always protected by the divine power.” -Swami Rama.

Absolute Surrender to a Guru is not a sign of slavery. On the contrary, it is freedom from the shackles of delusion and misery which is torturing us since many births. The sole purpose of the complete submission by a disciple is to realize oneness with the Supreme power. This submission should be in such a way that the disciple shouldn’t be even conscious of it. The wish of the Guru must always seem fair and His divine love should act as the only basis of life to the disciples. This absolute submissive nature will bless the disciple with an outcome of utmost bliss by achieving the ultimate goal of life, which is Salvation!.

I am Siddhaguru Ramanananda Maharshi, realised the divine on 29th June 1995.


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