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The daunting relentless thoughts that stagger and cause eruptions in the mind of a human can lead to undermining actions. Actions that are perhaps not merely a constructive representation of what you are and what you stand for. Watch as a man stumbles upon monumental instances, looking for ways or places where he might find himself being a part of what he was expected to be. Yet, the negative thoughts and ideas that plummet his mind leave him asunder.

Such is manifestation. The idea of adopting and implementing various abstract decorum's, absorbing them, and hoping to achieve the better from them. Gabrielle Bernstein defined the idea of manifestation as a “creative process aligning with the energy of the universe” with hopes to “co-create an experience that elevates your spirit and the spirit of the world”. The idea may seem absurd. How does one align with the universe? Are they not two coinciding entities that work on separate realms but take a peek at the other’s journey?

A subordinate out of the picture, your existence, alignment, and co-creating experiences ideology exists with the universe. The idea of spiritual manifestation states, in simpler terms, what you think is what you get. The dreams, goals, and desires that you carry within yourself can become a reality if you channel positivity. With constructive ideas that exude a better step closer to a better world can be achieved. This idea heavily coincides with the Law of Attraction which Bob Proctor explains in his conscious-subconscious-paradigm theory.

Your dreams and desires are contained and manifested within an immobile part of your existence namely the Vortex. To reach and achieve those dreams, you need to work on your vibration. To elaborate on the idea of Bob Proctor, the law of attraction determines your result. The subconscious mind is programmed via environmental and genetic factors from the moment you are born to the moment your conscious mind comes into existence. Your subconscious mind comprises a paradigm that is formed via the repetition of information. The thoughts that enter your conscious mind control the vibration you are in which is impressed upon the subconscious mind. Interlinking spiritual manifestation with the law of attraction, what you want or desire is not what you get at times. That is because your vibration is in the clutches of a paradigm, which contains a multitude of habits, that were formulated since you were a baby.

All that you are today, exists because your paradigm has been conditioned and programmed to assert and attract various ideas. Dictating your logic, controlling your effectiveness, and ultimately affecting your law of attraction. The Law of Attraction responds to the paradigm, to positive thoughts, and to the harmonization of the two. The paradigm is formed by repetitive information and it can be changed through the same idea.

Evolving from the concept stemmed in Hinduism about ‘karma’, the idea of manifestation, of believing, has since become something far beyond. ‘Positive Thinking’ has become, over the years, a phrase that is closely related to the ideas consolidating spiritual manifestation by looking at the specifics. These specificities include working towards your dreams and desires. Murphy’s Law dictates that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. In harmonizing contrast, spiritual manifestation exudes the idea of your desires and how they can occur if you truly believe in them. Thus, positive thoughts bring in positive results, and negative thoughts welcome and give rise to negative results.

Spiritual manifestations can be demonstrated via three levels of understanding. These levels progress on a spiritual level, psychological level, and physical level. The spiritual level, being at the front of the manifestation spectrum, brings about assurance. Your thoughts exude an energy of its own making and that plays a vital role in the Law of Attraction. These thoughts simply exist and are not at the positive end nor are they at the negative end of the spectrum. This gives assurance because the simple existence of a concept gives birth to the idea that where there is a chance of bad, there is an equal chance of being good.

To be able to reflect on the energy and bring about a beneficial chance, one should practice and work towards making it a reality. You should know what you want, to ask the universe, to behave and feel as if what you desire is within your grasp, and to be open about it when you receive it.

The psychological level is about understanding that whatever you think, is what you will achieve. If you are of the utmost belief that dreams and desires are within your reach if you believe it is. Working towards the achievement of this desire is empowered by our psychological application. Any setback, any moment that stands in your way act as a motivation rather than a push back. The physical level comprises notions that explain spiritual manifestation from a scientific standpoint. Here, the scientific concept where the thought is just a process through which neurons are transferred and create an electrical current. These electrical currents can be controlled and help with creating a vibration that implores you to do better, to achieve better.

While reading Elif Shafaks’ book 10 Minutes and 38 Seconds in this Strange World, a quote that came across stipulated about believing other people. “It is a serious thing to believe in someone. You can’t just say it like that” and how you “have to support them no matter what”. Where this line is designed to interlink humans and strengthen their relationship, if one applies this to the idea of spiritual manifestation, you can come to terms with the idea that you can achieve what you desire. Your desires and dreams are within your grasp, a small step away from within your reach if you believe that you would achieve it. For belief is the strongest tool one can have, it can do wonders to a soul.

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