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Healers work with different techniques such as energy meditation exercises, chakra cleanse meditations and more healing methods. Healers can even send healing energy to people and places long distance. The article that follows is constructed mostly of a question and answer section. In this way you will find interesting and valuable information about the invisible world of auras and chi energy.

​What is a human aura?

The human aura is an invisible field of energy around each of us. It consists of different layers of light frequencies. Each layer has an important function and it transmits information through the brain and the nervous system. Let's explore them:

  1. The energy layer - It encompasses the physical body and it is the generator of energy and vitality. Healing modalities such as Reiki use its power to "heal" a person.

  2. Emotional /astral / layer - It exists around the energy layer and our feelings and emotions are present here. Get me? Our feelings are outside us and the body becomes a host when an event happens to us.

​3. Mental layer - It surrounds the emotional layer and our thoughts and thinking patterns fill this space of light.

  1. Spiritual layer - It is further from the mental layer and it contains energy of highest frequencies. It is the dimension of our spirit.

The aura is a colourful field of energy and the colours intermingle and move constantly as it seen by the natural born clairvoyants.

What about the human aura and past lives?

Past lives is an interesting and fascinating topic. People from all walks of life search for their past lives in books, magazines and by going to psychics. People want to discover who they were! Were there any past relationships with their present friends and families? What did they do and where did they live on the planet? However, the important thing for us to remember about a past life is: it exists in our aura. Without an aura - there will be no physical life and no past life. A past life is an energy. An energy of memories. Memories created by our five senses in a particular past life. These memories will be brought back by people and situations in the present life. We do not know when this can occur! However, it is an energy in a human aura. This energy will be stimulated by other auras. If the experience is negative and it is connected with a past life we will be flooded with bad memories. What is the solution? The solution is to heal the aura and we will change the negative and difficult behavioural patterns.

AURA!!!?...Why do I feel tired most of the time? What is the connection with human aura?

There are many people in the world feeling tired for no particular reason. Traditional medicine has no real explanation for this condition. We will look at it from an energy point of view - why does this happen? The human aura holds the key to the real answers. We can find the answers in the next points:

  1. Some physical activities done in the past may create an energy pattern in the human aura - a "phantom" tiredness in the muscles.

  2. Patterns of too much rest and too much sleep, usually going on for years, will cause the energy to stagnate.

  3. Old feelings and emotions caused by negative events will influence the emotional body to become "heavy" and to pressure the physical body.

  4. Constant use of alcohol, drugs and toxic compounds will create negative changes in the aura.

Part of the healing plan is to do physical exercises, to have positive way of living, to change our lifestyle and possibly the environment. Working with the energy field and transforming the old patterns of behaviour are good ways to let go of the tiredness. Also, there is one more thing. We have to devote some time for this healing to happen.


Energy healing - the foundation.

​Energy healing is the essence of life. It is connected with chakra healing. Everyone should know this. What is energy healing? Basically, we channel an invisible energy called chi energy or prana through us to help ourselves or other people. It is also called spiritual healing. It is self-care stimulated by the mind but utilised by the spirit. Spiritual healing or energy healing is a part of energy medicine or an alternative body of knowledge using modalities unknown or not recognised by traditional medicine. Energy healing is similar to Reiki in some respects. As you may know, reiki and healing are linked with the notion that everything is connected. This one of the definitions of energy healing. There are many others. How does energy work and what are its health benefits? We use our hands in most cases to channel the energy and to work with it on the body and the aura – a field of light that exists around us. Energy healing can help women and men in obvious and subtle ways. Healing can be given as a distant healing and when a trained practitioner works he/she can create a healing energy flow to a particular person in need.

What is this invisible energy that people talk about?

Most people in this world know energy in different forms such as the energy of the body, the electrical energy, the energy of the wind etc. However there is another energy. It is known in the ancient bodies of knowledge as chi, prana or mana for example. It is invisible yet it can be felt. It lies behind some of the extraordinary miracles carried out by yoga masters and experienced meditators. The religions around the world mention it in their writings and how it is essential for sustaining life. This energy comes from the sun, the cosmos, the earth, our spirit and probably from other sources. It is in us all and we can not live without it. However we can boost it and attune to this energy consciously. Then we will use it for manifestation, healing, telepathy and fun. I still remember my first "meeting" with this energy. I was doing some type of energy exercise when suddenly I felt such beautiful sensations. As if I was taking a shower in paradise with eternal rays of light filling my body. So, amazing. We can charge ourselves with it everyday to stay full of power and vitality for practical reasons. It is life changing and wonderful. Chi energy is important in chakra healing.

Ok, I understand! Forget about chi energy for a while! What happens with our energy and vitality in our everyday life?

From the moment that we are born we start to take and give energy. This energy comes in different forms. Our habits, interaction with other people, level of prosperity and wellbeing all affect our energy. All things give us energy or take energy. Let me illustrate by giving you an example:

Suppose that you like to stay in front of your favourite laptop for 10 hours. You like it. You do some things that are great and the joy fills your mind. Really you are getting energy or to be correct emotional energy from your laptop. The laptop is an energy distributor, giving you energy. Later, let's say after one month you are getting tired, exhausted. Your eyes are strained, you have muscle pain, your neck is stiff. What do we have now ? Your laptop is now acting as an energy taker, taking energy from you. When we become aware of this cycle we can more easily balance our life. Make sure to list everything that can act as an energy distributor and energy taker and how they can change overtime. Then do something about it. Now let us have a look at ourselves as human beings and the different kinds of energy that we all have:

Physical Energy: This is related to our physical activity in this world and how hard we work to sustain our needs.

Emotional Energy: In this category are our feelings and emotions- negative and positive and how we process them.

Mental Energy: Our thoughts play a vital part in our life and again we can have positive or negative thoughts.

Spiritual Energy: Trust and faith in Gods, Goddesses, some kinds of spirits and entities, soul, spirit, higher self and the invisible power of the universe.

So we have four different energies and in order to have more energy in life it is better to manage them. I will give you simple guidelines however there are no guarantees in life.

Physical Energy: Try not to overwhelm yourself with too much physical work. Balance, take rest and have flexibility.

Emotional Energy: Observe your feelings and emotions and give up toxic relationships, find joy and fun in your life and love yourself.

Mental Energy: Be positive, plan a good future for yourself and your loved ones and enjoy nature.

Spiritual Energy: Believe in something, something that can help you unfold things in you.

The truth is - if you want permanent changes, you should work with the aura and chi energy.

​I am an energy healing practitioner. I’ve been working with healing energy for many years and I constantly improve my practice and my knowledge.

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