How Smiling More Can Benefit Your Well-Being

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  • Author Dr. Lou Graham
  • Published February 15, 2022
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What’s your facial expression right now? Are your brows furrowed as you read this article? Maybe you’re already smiling because you learned from the title that your grin can benefit your well-being. You might be surprised to learn that Yale Research found that while the average woman smiles 62 times per day, the average man clocks in at only eight. If you’re interested in learning how your smile frequency impacts your health, read on!

How Smiling Positively Impacts Your Health

Breathing, walking, and your facial expressions all come naturally. So much so that you probably rarely give any thought to it as you go about your day. However, your brain is constantly assessing your experiences and analyzing your physical responses to act accordingly. A perfect example of this is when you smile. The specific muscles in your face responsible for this expression signal to your brain to release mood-boosting chemicals. This response not only enhances your mood, making you happier, but it also decreases stress levels, benefiting your overall health.

A Few Ways to Smile More

Naturally, you may be wondering how to enjoy the benefits listed above. It’s as easy as smiling right now! As you’re reading this, imagine seeing an old friend, relaxing on a warm beach, or eating a delicious meal – a scenario that makes you happy. Now smile. Even if it feels disingenuous at first, that’s okay. Your brain will still interpret that signal to release those mood-boosting chemicals. If that feels too awkward for you, try hanging out with positive, happy people. Seeing their smiles will trigger the mirroring neurons in your brain, causing you to smile as well. You can also try watching a sitcom, stand-up comic, or a funny movie.

But What If You Don’t Like Your Smile?

If you don’t like your smile, you may be trying to hide it, not show it off more. If this sounds all too familiar, then you should consider talking to your dentist about cosmetic dentistry. Whether you’re insecure about an obvious dental flaw, like a missing tooth, or something only you notice, like slight dental discoloration, it’s worth having a conversation about. From there, your cosmetic dentist can discuss your treatment options, as well as the process for each. That way, you can make an informed decision on which smile-enhancing treatment is best for you. Once you have the bright, flawless, and beautiful teeth you’ve been dreaming of, you won’t be able to stop smiling!

From celery juice and yoga classes to daily meditations, it seems like everyone is on a quest for wellness. Who knew that enhancing your mood and your health could be as simple as smiling more! And if you need a little help getting your teeth to a place where you are happy to show them off, then don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a skilled cosmetic dentist.

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