The Different Qualifications Awarded By The Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing University of Coventry

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Coventry University, England, is one of the highly rated universites in the world and one of the oldest in UK having it origin traces back to 1843.

On the world scene the university is always among the top six hundred while it is always among the top fifty in United Kingdom. This ranking make it one of the most sought after higher education institution in England plus the fact that it tution fee is not beyond the reach of the middle class families being a public research institution and the believe that it is the sixth largest in U.K.

Coventry University parades four faculties, each of which is divided into schools and departments. The Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computer one of the four existing faculties, in itself has a subset of three schools and departments namely:

  1. School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics

  2. School of Energy, Construction and Environment and

  3. School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering

The school of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics offers sixteen courses at undergraduate level while it offers ten at post-graduate school.

The school of energy, construction and environment offers twelve undergraduate courses and sixteen postgraduate courses while the third school

The school of Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive offers nine undergraduate and fourteen postgraduate courses.

On all these courses the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing, University of Coventry awards six different qualifications as stated below.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honour:

This is an undergraduate degree qualification awarded on courses that are not engineering but are science in nature.

The faculty awardsy the qualification on the courses like: Architectural Technology, Building Surveying, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Games Technology, Ethical Hacking, Data Science, Computer Science,Aviation Management, Geography and Natural Hazard and more. The BSc degree courses as mentioned here lasted at least a duration of three (3) years and it could be obtained by doing any of the courses mentioned above by full time study mode or by sandwich programme.

Master of Science (MSci):

This qualification is awarded on the science or related courses that are completed in four (4) years. It is an undergraduate degree master programme. The qualification is awarded on few science courses and they are: computer science, computer science with artificial intelligence, Data Science, Ethically Hacking and Cybersecurity.

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng):

This bachelor of engineering qualification is awarded by the University of Coventry on purely an engineering course, a three (3) years undergraduate, full time study mode courses.

At the University of Coventry, BEng is awarded on the courses such as Building Service, Civil and Environmental, Civil Engineering Aerospace and System Engineering Manufacturing Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Motorsport Engineering and so on. The qualification is also awarded on sandwich enginering courses.

Master of Engineering (MEng)

This is the fourth types of qualifications awarded by the University of Coventry, Faculty of Engineering on it's taught courses. Just like BEng, it is awarded on engineering courses but this time on undergraduate courses that take at least eight eight semesters to be completed.

The courses on which MEng is awarded are fewer in number to the courses on which BEng is awarded and they are: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace and System Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Motorsport Engineering, Electrical Electronics Engineering and Electronics Engineering.

Master of Physics (MPhys) and Bachelor of Art (BA).

MPhys and BA are other two undergraduate degree awarded by the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing University of Coventry.

Master of Physics is an undergraduate degree qualification just like a MSci and MEng but it is awarded only on Physics while Bachelor of Art (BA), a degree qualification expected to be awarded by the Faculty of Art and Humanity is awarded on Geography.

Postgraduate Masters, Certificate and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Theses are the three known qualifications awarded at the postgraduate school, Faculty of Engineering, University of Coventry.

The MSc is awarded on any postgraduate courses which is usually done for at least one year at the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing. A PhD is awarded on courses done after completion of master courses and it lasted maximum of four years while a Post Graduate Certificate (PGC) is awarded on courses design for working class students to up their qualifications.

So, if you are planning a career in engineering, University of Coventry has varieties of qualification to award you as you might desired.

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