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Are you approaching the world of sports betting and would like to have some advice on this? Great because, with today's guide, in fact, I will show you a series of sports prediction websites and you can choose the one that you consider the best site for predictions .

There are solutions for all tastes and needs: sites dedicated exclusively to football with game predictions for the main European leagues, but also solutions with forecasts for other sports such as tennis, basketball, hockey, football and Formula 1. Their cost? You may not believe it, but all the solutions I am about to offer you are available for free and do not even require registration.

WARNING: gambling can cause pathological addiction. If your intention is to bet with real money, I encourage you to do so in moderation and only if you are over 18 years old. I emphasize that it is absolutely not my intention to incentivize unauthorized betting activities.


In Italy, you know, football is king, so almost every prediction site presents its lesson dedicated to the most famous ball game in the world. But if you are looking for the best NBA betting site then I have the one that's right for you.

SportyTrader has in fact an entire section dedicated specifically to the American league , where the most probable results of the various matches are given (according to experts). To access it, all you have to do is connect to the main page of the site and click on the Basket item on the left.

At this point, always select the NBA item from the same column and you will find the predictions of the major events in a large preview box. Click on the single event to open a more detailed section where the reasons for this prediction listed and explained in detail are also shown.

If the event you are looking for is not in the main boxes, a little further down you will find all the other less important matches or that will take place later in a 1X2 deadline, without however the in-depth explanation. Also from these pages you then have the possibility to connect to other betting sites to check odds and advance bets if this is your goal.

And if you are interested in European basketball, don't worry! From the top menu, under the Predictions section , you can also choose to look at the Euroleague predictions . Here things work the same way they do for the NBA, with all the information obtainable easily and detailed, which also makes it the best basketball prediction site out there.


Considered by many to be the best football predictions site , now I want to tell you about NostradamusBet : active since 2011 and which offers free predictions weekly. It offers predictions on the results of football and numerous leagues, such as Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, Premier League, Spanish Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 but also Italian Cup, Champions League, Europa League and much more.

To start seeing the predictions, connected to the NostradamusBet home page and, in the top menu, click on the Predictions item to access the dedicated section. Then click on the box relating to the competition of your interest and, on the next screen, you can view all the predictions for the next day. Furthermore, you can see the previous predictions and view the successful ones and the wrong ones: scroll down and press the yellow button for the day you want to view. A correct prediction is identified by a green √ , while the red X indicates an incorrect prediction.

On NostradamusBet you can also access the various sections present, for example The expert prediction which, weekly, offers the predictions of four experts or the Other predictions section , which includes a series of other predictions that you can take into consideration: Special predictions with the prediction on the champion teams of the various national championships and European cups; Special transfer market with predictions dedicated to the transfer market and more.

Finally, you must know that on NostradamusBet it is possible to make your voice heard through the section The survey , consult the Probable formations of Serie A and Serie B and the rankings of the various leagues through Rankings . A function is also available which, through a database containing the statistics of the teams, is able to elaborate predictions accurately and in a few seconds: you can use it by clicking on the item The brain in the top menu, pressing the Select country option ( to set the league you are interested in) and clicking on the Select home team and Select visiting team items(to set the challenge on which you want to have the prediction). To proceed and get your prediction, tap on the Create prediction button .

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