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  • Author Richard Granzow
  • Published December 17, 2022
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Hello, Everyone

I've been studying the pick 3 game for over 20 yrs now and one thing is clear, there will never be anyone who can "crack the code" in the lottery. There are no magical systems or strategies that will produce the very next winning number in any lottery drawing. Unless you get lucky.

However, by studying and tracking the game, one can sometimes spot number trends and patterns. This is where tracking comes into play. If you track a system or strategy, you will see patterns at times that can help you make better number selections and start winning on a regular basis.

For example, look back at your states drawing history over the past 30 days and write down how many times each of the ten digits 0-9 have hit. The one's that hit the most are the hottest. The one's that hit the least are the coldest. But don't look at the coldest digits as a bad thing. Because they are actually the most due digits in the game right now. These are the one's to focus on the most.

Another example is to know that there are only 55 pairs in the pick 3 game. A good tip here is to look back in your states drawing history for at least 30 days and cross off the pairs that have been drawn. The remaining pairs are similar to the coldest digits meaning they are also the most due and should be given priority. You can easily search to get the list of 55 pairs.

Now, a good strategy to use would be to take the most due pairs and combine them with the most due digits to create a good playlist to use for the next week or so. After that time has passed by, redo the whole above process to create a new playlist.

Another good strategy would be to use a good key digit system. Do you have one of these? No problem! Look at the 1st digit of the last drawing. For example lets say the last drawing was 567. So now we see the 5 as the first digit. 5 mirrored is 0, flip the 5 to 8, and the 0 to 3. So now we have 5,0,8,3 as the key digits for the next two-three drawings. Do Not count on these past 3-4 drawings.

There are also Lottery Books available that are chocked full of strategies and methods. Most of them are available for cheap at Amazon.

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Richard G.

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