What do I do if I don't know my passion in life?


  • Author David Willden
  • Published October 21, 2022
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Step 1: Choose to Believe in Yourself

What would have happened to our country if Abraham Lincoln hadn’t chosen to believe in himself? He had every reason not to. But he chose to believe in himself and God and to persist. Because of this, the world was blessed in a profound way. We do a disservice to ourselves and the world when we don’t believe in ourselves.

Step 2: Define Who You Want to Become

The key to determining who it is you want to become is to review your deepest, inspired yearnings. Most have felt but lost this powerful yearning because of fear, feeling they aren’t enough, not trusting in yourself and God, others imposing their will, and because of mistakes. They allow self-limiting and false beliefs to smother out the flame. Sometimes we must use kindling, relight the fire, and slowly nurture it along.

Step 3: Determine What Your Most Noble Passions Are

One of the most important things you can do to make a real difference is to identify and focus on your noblest passions. We can learn so much from Viktor Frankl - who discovered why some were able to survive the horrors of Nazi camps - despite all odds. When you focus on noble (vs. self-centered and destructive) passions - you are blessed in all areas of your life and make a critical difference.

Step 4: Uncover Your Talents and Turn Them into Strengths

Trust that you have natural talents that you can build upon and that they will help you fulfill your purpose. Consider the parable of the talents. Invest in your natural talents and turn them into strengths - so that you grow quicker, find greater joy, and accomplish more.

Step 5: Identify Where There are Needs and Go to Work

To make a living, you also need to focus on needs that are in the marketplace. What position or business aligns with your sweet spot, and will best provide you with the income to support you and your family?

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