Do you agree with gay marriage?


  • Author Matthew Robert Payne
  • Published December 24, 2022
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My personal belief is marriage is a union between men and women that was instituted in Genesis.

I believe that males are made for females and females are made for males, and the institution of marriage is between a male and a female. But after saying that, I understand that many gay and lesbian people don't understand the Bible, don’t have a belief in the Bible, and aren't Christians. It's a Christian view that believes that marriage is between a male and a female. Because they don't necessarily believe in the Christian faith, they're not bound by the law of Christians; and the beliefs of Christians do not bind them. If the modern government wants to pass legislation that says two gay men can be married, the Christian church can't stand in their way. We have elected officials who are meant to uphold the law, write laws, and institute them.

We just so happened to have governments that legislated marriage, which can be between two gay men and two lesbians.

Personally, for myself, I say let them do what they want to do. Let them be responsible for their conscience and not have to conform to what I believe; after all, we are born into the world with free will. It was vital for God to allow his angels and human beings to have free will. Satan defected because angels were given free will and the same as a man's original sin, as they were told not to eat the fruit of the garden, but that's because God gave mankind free will. Because of that free will, gays can enter the institution of marriage, even though the Christian church doesn't believe in it.

I've had friends in the past in churches that were gay. I had someone I knew in a church who was a gay Christian, and he believed he could be gay. He thought he'd have to remain celibate to be on God's side. I was assured of his salvation, and that's what he believed. I interviewed Freddie Mercury, the former lead singer of Queen, he was saved before he went to heaven, and he's in heaven. I've got a book called Visiting Musicians in Heaven.He's interviewed in that book. It will help if you're gay to read that interview and have some insight into the fact that Jesus has a lot of love in his heart for people with a gay inclination.

I don't mind gay people getting married. I don't believe marriage is an institution only for a male and a male. That's the answer to that question.

Matthew Robert Payne is a Christian writer and a prophet. He has written 90+ Christian Nonfiction books that can be found on Amazon under his full name. He regularly does personal prophecies for people from his website at He is single and lives with his elder brother, IN Sydney Australia

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