Why Consider Stem Cell Banking for Teeth?

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  • Published February 23, 2023
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Tooth loss often doesn’t have an upside. After all, it can lead to a bad-looking smile and various oral issues. However, the condition can have a silver lining in some cases. Losing or pulling a tooth, you see, allows you to do some stem cell banking. From there, you or your family could experience long-term health benefits. To learn more, let your local dental practice explain the matter. Here is a summary of stem cell banking for teeth and why to consider it.

Some Context: What are Stem Cells?

If you don’t know, stem cells are the body’s raw materials — the cells from which all other kinds are created. They can become anything from muscle and blood cells to even brain cells.

Overall, stem cells come in two forms: embryonic or adult. The former are found in unused embryos, often donated to science. The latter, meanwhile, come from fully developed adult tissues like the brain, skin, bone marrow, etc.

What’s Stem Cell Banking for Teeth?

Stem cell banking is the process of taking, processing, and storing stem cells from the human body. Doing so allows doctors and other medical staff to use them in later treatments.

In truth, some dentists offer this banking for teeth. Tooth pulp, it turns out, contains stem cells. If or when you have a tooth removed, then, a dentist could harvest those in its center. As such, baby teeth, wisdom teeth, or any other extracted tooth could help with a future stem cell treatment.

Why Bank Your Teeth’s Stem Cells?

Banking the stem cells in your teeth can help your family’s health. Since they turn into other cells, saving them would let doctors treat various diseases. These include:

• Diabetes – In a study of diabetes patients, 30% of those who received stem cells could stop insulin injections completely. Meanwhile, the remaining 70% saw a 75% reduction in their insulin requirements.

• Parkinson’s Disease – When given stem cells, patients with Parkinsons show consistent improvements in motor scores.

• Heart Disease – Heart attack patients who receive stem cells have less scar tissue, better heart function, and healthier blood vessels.

Ultimately, banking dental stem cells lets you benefit from great stem cell therapies. Storing the cells today, in other words, could save your life tomorrow!

As you can see, stem cell banking for teeth has plenty to show for it. That being said, take advantage of the process with your dental provider. They’d be happy to assist!

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