5 Breathtaking Places to Visit in South Korea

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  • Published July 21, 2023
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South Korea is one of the most beautiful countries that you can visit on the holiday. This country has so many beautiful sights and perfect destinations that you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

If you are planning a trip to South Korea soon, don’t worry because here is a list of breathtaking places in South Korea that you may find useful. Let’s get started!

  1. Busan

Busan is one of the most popular cities in South Korea. In this city, you can find some beautiful beaches and amazing mountains that you shouldn’t miss.

If you’re a foodie, I think this city will definitely fit you well because there are so many restaurants that serve local food. Besides that, there is also the Jagalchi fish market, which is worth seeing.

  1. Seoul

We certainly agree that Seoul is always captivating all the way. This magical city is surrounded by many high-rise buildings, which add to the city's elegance.

Seoul is a capital city that is filled with culture and history. Lotte World amusement park, Changdeokgung Palace, and N Seoul Tower are some famous tourist destinations in this city that you can visit later.

  1. Juknokwon

The next place you can explore while traveling to South Korea is Juknokwon. This place is thick bamboo land with 8 different trails that are suitable for walking while enjoying the slow pace life.

Besides that, Juknokwon is also really perfect for your photo spot. This place is very relaxing, so it would be perfect for you who want to relax while enjoying nature's splendor.

  1. Ggotji Beach

Ggotji Beach is another popular tourist destination in South Korea. This beautiful beach is located on Jeju Island and boasts magnificent white sand.

You can see the beautiful sunset from this beach. We will make sure that the sunset here is nothing like you have ever seen before. Ggotji Beach is perfect for your holiday destination and a superb diving location. So, do you want to come here?

  1. Jeju Island

Jeju Island is one of the famous places in South Korea. In this place, you will find stunning white sand beaches and beautiful botanical gardens that are a must-see.

Jeju Island is always visited by many tourists from all over the world. The island's conveniences and tranquility will certainly make you feel right at home.

South Korea is a country that has so many places to visit. You can definitely find many beautiful things there. So, after reading the above list, where do you think you'll go first?

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