What Lies Under The Layers?


  • Author Monica Bastola
  • Published September 25, 2023
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Once, in a village nestled within the folds of distant lands, a curious woman returned from a journey that would unravel both humor and wisdom. Armed with a peculiar notion, she arrived home with a cabbage from a foreign land, believing it to be a novel variety of cauliflower. Eager to share her discovery, she gathered the villagers and invited them to unveil the mysteries hidden within the layers of the cabbage.

With each leaf peeled away, the crowd's anticipation grew, layer by layer. But as the last leaf fell and the core of the cabbage stared at them, an unspoken question hung in the air: "Where is the flower?" Laughter erupted. This seemingly comical incident holds profound lessons that resonated on both spiritual and practical levels for me.

This tale held a mirror to the human experience, offering reflections that stretched far beyond its amusing surface. First and foremost, the importance of embracing things as they are, without preconceived notions or expectations. The villagers had approached the cabbage with a predetermined belief, and their discovery was against their assumptions. How often do we, too, embark on life's journeys with fixed perceptions, missing the beauty of what truly lies before us?

Examining deeper, the story invited us to alter our perspectives, to see the world through a different lens. In peeling away the cabbage's layers, the villagers had encountered unexpected truths. Similarly, in our own lives, adopting fresh viewpoints can lead to newfound understanding and appreciation. Just as the cabbage's layers concealed its essence, the world around us holds layers of wisdom waiting to be uncovered.

The most profound lesson echoed in the migration of ideas and concepts from one corner of the world to another. Like seeds carried by the wind, ideas take root in unfamiliar soil, thriving or withering based on the receptivity they encounter. This phenomenon mirrors the evolution of human thought – the introduction of an idea, its acceptance or rejection, and the transformative journey it undertakes. Ideas, like the cabbage's layers, hold the potential to reveal hidden treasures if we dare to explore beyond the surface.

The conversation can shift from the story to the wonders of gastronomy and the rich history that accompanies each delicacy we enjoy today. Consider the humble turmeric, for instance, lying beneath the earth's surface for ages before humanity discovered its golden potency. From tentative exploration to its integration into cultures and cuisines, the story of turmeric mirrors the slow yet steady evolution of knowledge and its widespread acceptance. Throughout history, societies distant from one another have converged on certain staples – potatoes, wheat, and more – illustrating the shared human experience across geographical divides. Even in an era devoid of modern technology, our ancestors embarked on a journey of discovery, discerning the edible from the toxic. This narrative transcends time, reminding us of our collective pursuit of sustenance and survival.

As the woman's cabbage tale is shared from generation to generation, its lessons reverberates and the village's laughter and the cabbage's unexpected core become symbols of embracing the present, perceiving anew, and tracing the winding paths of human innovation. Just as the cabbage, with its unexpected layers, invited the villagers to reflect, so too does the story invite us to explore the layers of life's myriad lessons, waiting to be peeled away and savored.

My name is Monica Elyse Bastola. I was born in Nepal and moved to the US over 18 years ago.I am a Chemical Engineer with an MBA in Finance, but my passion is in wellness and nutrition. I am a certified nutrition coach along with Certified Personal Trainer and a Stretching and Flexibility Coach. I have been a passionate advocate for healthy living for over a decade. As a certified coach, I have helped numerous individuals achieve their health goals and discover their true potential.

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