Distant Healing


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  • Published October 11, 2023
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Distant healing or absentee healing is a process of transferring the invisible energy chi or prana from an energy practitioner to a client. Both are in different physical locations – far away from each other. This form of healing is usually used when it is not possible for a face-to-face meeting.

Distant healing uses this energy to create healing changes on all levels. The main and well-known procedure of healing takes place on a higher level and gradually descends to the physical body.

Spiritual level: The energy sent from an energy practitioner to his/her client enters the spiritual level or the spiritual auric body. Once, “approved” by our spirit or higher self this energy will penetrate the next level of our immortal existence.

However, what do I mean by “approved”? The spiritual theory on this matter is – we must learn our lesson to be healed. If our higher self decides that we haven’t learnt the lesson – for example not to be angry constantly with people – the healing will not take place. My experiences suggest this is not truth on the physical level. When people are in pain or when they need healing for a physical body part, the energy goes straight away to that part.

Mental level: Chi energy will descend on the mental plane or level. In this way this energy will stimulate our thought patterns and thinking patterns. We will receive new thoughts, ideas, and insights to change something in our life

Emotional level: The emotional level is tricky. This is where most of our problems occur. The healing energy can appear as a positive emotional wave - enthusiasm for something positive.

Energy level: When the energy descends on the energy level it can be felt as tingling, a sudden inspiration or happiness.

Physical level: On this level, the energy can bring physical comfort and sometimes physical healing but in my personal experience a number of healing exercises and techniques should be practiced for a physical change to take place.

It is up to the person receiving healing to utilise the energy and to use it in his/her life. The practitioner acts as a channel for the healing energy.

Distant healing secrets:

Secret number 1: When you help to heal another person, even from a distance make sure you are not in an emotionally distressed state. Also, first work on yourself to heal your mental and emotional issues. In this way, you will be a clear channel for the healing energy to come through you. Your issues create stress in your aura and this stress can be channelled to your client, friend or loved one. Conquer first your inner daemons and then help other people.

Secret number 2: You must be full of energy and vitality before sending healing to people. You can feel more tired and down if you are lacking energy. This may create physical discomfort for you. Charge yourself with energy before giving healing to someone else.

Secret number 3: Do not become obsessed with healing symbols. The power of transmission could be embedded within the symbol - however, it is your focus or your level of concentration that will send the power to your client or friend or your loved one. Also, make sure to learn the history of the symbol! You will make better resonance with it.

Secret number 4: Make sure to clear your energy after the healing. You can use white light, smudging, drinking water, taking a bath or another kind of energy clearance. You can see how you feel after the clearance. If you feel good, ok. If not, continue to do the cleansing.


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